Experiment Ideas

I really wouldn’t know what to do with $300 and this blog.

In the past I performed the Bottle Water Experiment, the Painting Curbs thing, the Confiscated Goods experiment, the Inventory Control add-on to HouseOfRave, and The Scratch Lottery Experiment.

I kind of want to do the Lottery Experiment again, but with $300 instead of $100.

I’ve already done some other successful experiments with my own business lately, but those don’t get mentioned on the blog ;-)

Blog posted on: September 1, 2010

9 comments on “Experiment Ideas

  1. Rob

    The lottery experiment was an interesting one – you could try doing 3 smaller experiments using different kinds of scratch cards and compare the odds.

    You could try some kind of VC/investment type thing with a local (vvv early stage) startup, maybe buying a leaf blower or other equipment and renting it out to a kid for a portion of his earnings.

    You could try some other type of gamboling experiment, perhaps roulette etc.

    You could use it for some kind of crazy marketing scheme for HoR that you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

    1. Neville Post author

      Unfortunately I’m really not into trying another very-small-scale experiment myself.

      I AM trying experiments with HouseOfRave, however I can’t openly publish some of those. I will however write up a story of a very successful campaign I did and privately distribute it.

  2. Dividendium

    You could buy a site on http://www.flippa.com that currently has earnings and see how long it continued to pay out…or maybe try to improve it to pay more.

    You could buy a bunch of penny stocks and attempt to sell them for more than you paid. (Or same with cheap options.)

    You could buy stuff from a pawn shop or goodwill (blue hanger) and try to sell it on eBay or Craigslist. And see how much you could turn the original $300 into.

    You could get a small group of people together to buy an older (aka cheap) RV and rent it out at a local RV rental place (http://austinrvrent.com/RMP.aspx). You’re link to Tynan the other day sent me on a couple day crazy RV research bender. I think I’ve come back to my senses now…

    You could see how long you could last on $300 living/traveling in a foreign country (Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc). (Also Tynan inspired…)

    You could use the $300 to rent out a small banquet room and try to sell tickets to an event of some kind? Amateur break-dancing contest? Nev speaks on internet businesses? Nev speaks on eating well? Nev speaks on taking good photos?

    Hold a contest on NevBlog offering the $300 to the reader that comes up with AND executes the best $300 idea. Best being defined as “return on investment” or maybe just originality?

    Rent out some kind of advertising near the homeless shelter you don’t like to tell people to call their city representative to have the thing moved.

    Buy a couple nice reading chairs for the library that you use like Barnes and Noble has.

    Buy a lawn statue or bench for the Capitol and place it there one evening when no one is there and see how long it stays in place.

    Offer to subsidize the homeless shelter to “Have Earl Nightingale playing on repeat”.

  3. Will Fuller

    I like the idea of buying and selling things on ebay, like to see how much profit can be made from buying bargains and selling them on for profit possibly even using the sites that find mispelt items.

    Another idea could be to see how far around the world away from Austin you can get on that $300, hitchiking, taxi’s, staying in hostels, staying with friends etc until the money runs out.

    There’s also a website I came across called MadBid, you pay £1 per bid and every time someone bids on an item the timer is reset (normally about 1 min long) and the price goes up by 1p until the timer runs out and the item goes for Xp. You could see what things you could win from your £300



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