What the f-heck… actually gets traffic, and AdSense clicks?

This obscure little side business I started on April 29th in a coffee shop has fallen off my radar for quite sometime.

I quickly got bored of the site and only posted very few blog templates. The idea was solid and pretty unique, I just didn’t further pursue it.

I checked today and was surprised it got ANY traffic at all. Apparently it’s getting over 160 hits a day and an average of two Google Adsense clicks per day. Interesting.

I immediately redesigned the site with Dreamweaver instead of Frontpage and I will post it this weekend. I will also try to updated it twice a week. I already made all the page templates today and just have to copy/paste more blog templates.

It won’t be a big money maker, but a $100 check every now and then wouldn’t be so bad. I still refuse to put Adsense on NevBlog.

Blog posted on: July 8, 2005

7 comments on “FancyBlog

  1. Josh

    I’m just curious… aren’t the templates available on say,… Are you allowed to redistribute them?

  2. Neville


    So long as you give proper credit and put links, you can do it under a Creative Commons License (Which is sort of BS but I’ll abide by it anyway).

    I’m not trying to take credit for any of these templates, and I am more than happy to send plenty of links towards the authors website (Which I have already done for every template).

    I am simply compiling them in a single, easy to browse environment. I am NOT charging money for them, that would be illegal.


  3. sung

    You are everywhere Nev! I was trying to find some free blog templates for my site. Since I don’t like ones offered by And somehow came up on google. I ended up using a template from some other site. I enjoy reading your blog. Success to you! Stop by my blog site at I decided to keep a diary of all my stock trades. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Mike

    I think the longer your site is around, the better it will do. Even if you don’t have the time to do anything to it. Leave that site for a couple of years and you might find someone offering a few thousand bucks for the site.


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