February 2012 Goals

Have YOU got your February 2012 goals set yet?  I have:

FIRST GOAL.) This will be a followup course to the SumoBusinessBlueprint (which has turned tons of wantrepreneurs into real entrepreneurs that have DONE stuff).

I’ll actually be finding ideas, validating them before launching, then making money off them….and documenting the whole thing.



SECOND GOAL.) Signup for music lessons again.
I took guitar lessons (as my Aug 2011 goals stated) for about 2 months….and then my tutor moved away to Houston.

He was great…because he wasn’t classically trained, and he made all the complicated music theory VERY easy for my dumbass to understand.

I got SO much better at the guitar from those two months of instruction….so I’m going back again for more music lessons.  Possibly a combination of vocal lessons with guitar lessons.

Blog posted on: February 2, 2012

10 comments on “February 2012 Goals

  1. Rick

    Hey Neville,

    I wanted to say thank you for the incredible amount of valuable information you have on this blog. In the last two weeks I have consumed two of your courses, (plan to grab the Kopywriting course in the next few days) and numerous blog posts.

    What is estimated ETA for the delivery of the Sumo Blueprint 2?

    1. Arik Ermshaus

      If you’re right now not sure whether you should buy the Kopywriting Kourse or not, please go buy it. I did and it’s suuuuuuper fucking amazing.

      P.S. It’s like one evening and you learn the really deep juicy stuff about writing, really! Just awesome!

    2. Neville


      Checkout the Sumo Dojo’s for even more free content:

      …..the SumoBusinessBlueprint LIVE will be out early next month most likely….it’ll have 4 real case studies ranging from easy to hard that we made out of the advice of SumoBusinessBlueprint.

      I haven’t released this yet cause it’s not fully done….but you can checkout the teaser page :-)

      P.S. Lemme know what you think of the ultra-cheesy-(yet-hilarious)-intro!!

  2. Arik Ermshaus

    Hey Neville-

    interesting goals buuuuuut SUMO DOJO! SUMO DOJO! SUMO DOJO! every Friday!

    I wouldn’t have bought your Kopywriting Kourse if you hadn’t made this stuff AND the other super cool videos!

    It’s like, – and I think lot’s of other people think the same way – I just buy stuff from people if I know that they could be in real life like friends.

    Ya know, cool buddies. And your are one, I guess. So show it more people with videos, it’s 10 times more amazing then text!

    -german fat-ass sumo Arik

  3. Cassius

    Hello, Neville.

    Blah blah shpiel. Blah blah blah shpiel. Blah blah fretboard, blah tierce de picardi, blah sexytimes.

    I teach guitar. Interested?


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