Financial Update

Since January 1st, 2005 I have made $2,213 out of my $11,000 goal for April 31st, 2005. Need to step this up! I’ve got less than 2 months and the goal is only 20% complete so far.

My investment account topped $1,000 after I distributed my work paycheck into different accounts. When it does this I usually put $500 into my stock portfolio, but I am holding off right now as other projects are in the works and may need some captial. The permanent savings account has reached the $6,000 mark and looks like it may need a new home. It is sitting there gaining some paultry interest rate.

I got my paycheck from work today, and I immediately stashed it away with the following percentages:

Investment Account – 35%
Permanent Savings – 35%
Spending Account – 20%
Bill Account – 10%
So out of a $271 paycheck I get to spend only 54 bucks on entertainment etc.

Current Financials:
General Account – $ 1,654
Spending Account – $ 85
Investment Account – $ 1,085
Bill Account – $ 327
Permanent Savings – $ 6,052
Stock Portfolio Value – $ 9,278
Total Liquid Assets – $ 18,481 (+240)

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