Flash Experimenting – Interactive Objects

My main goal in my learning Flash phase is to learn how to create interactive objects. This is a first run trial of just that:

Pretty basic and simple stuff, but such a small effect can be very useful in more serious applications. I’m still learning Flash, and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty fun!

Also, if any of my sites start acting a little funky this coming weekend it’s because I’m transferring to a new, upgraded server.

Blog posted on: May 9, 2008

5 comments on “Flash Experimenting – Interactive Objects

  1. Chief Show Officer

    Well done. Or at least, a good start.

    I have been telling myself that I need to learn Flash as well. Unfortunately it’s one of those things that never perks to the top of my to-do list.

    I could have bungled through my latest minor flash project, but chose to outsource it because I didn’t want the aggravation.

    As you can tell I tend to flip flop on the “learn to do it yourself” versus “do what you’re good at and outsource the rest” debate.

  2. Jerry

    Learning this kind of thing (Flash) is a skill set that will give you reliable insurance that you don’t need to rely on others to keep your web venture hopping. (It also leads to people taking 5 minutes out of their day deciding whether you look better in a fedora or an afro. Earth-changing decisions, to be sure…)


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