Free Advertising / California Trip

The FacebookProfile site started about a month ago is getting a good amount of traffic, and now also has a PageRank of 4.

I personally HATE advertising-based business models, but I don’t see any other income options for this site. Currently still making between $0 and $3 per day….ehh.

A funny way for advertising any site for free is with chalkboard graffiti in campus classrooms. FacebookProfile won’t benefit TOO much from this form of advertising, but it’s a great way to promote local ventures, parties, upcoming events etc!

And just for kicks I took these pictures until some very confused janitors walked in :-)

I will be in California next week, so if anyone with an interesting story wants to meet up, you know where to reach me.

July 24th (Monday) – July 27th (Thursday) = Los Angeles

July 27th (Thursday) – August 3rd (Thursday) = San Francisco Bay Area

August 3rd (Thursday – August 7th (Monday) = Las Vegas for Defcon Hacker Convention.

I M P O R T A N T :
I’m making an open request for anyone to let me know of any big events going down while I’m there. It’d be fun to crash a couple of high profile parties, make some contacts and have fun.

The whole purpose of this trip is to make new contacts, so if you’ve got any leads, let me know!

Blog posted on: July 19, 2006

37 comments on “Free Advertising / California Trip

  1. Slim

    I’m impressed with the number of daily visits you’re getting on FacebookProfile. Congrats! What are the biggest referrers to it?

    Have fun in CA.

  2. Anonymous

    Damn, that’s a lot of ranking and traffic for less than 2 months of uptime….good job, whatever you’re doing!

  3. Anonymous

    Dude, isn’t that like considered “classroom spamming” and can get you caught, and banned and dragged away in orange jumpsuits?


  4. Anonymous

    Oh wow, you already meet high powered people in Austin, let’s see what you can do in Silicon Valley!

  5. Anonymous


    Why is your goal of “HOR” making $3000 a month crossed off if it only made $2500 in June?

    “Finish” or “complete” “COR” also appears twice, one crossed out and one not. Does the crossing out just imply that the date has passed, or that the goal has been met?

    Just wonderin’, take care

  6. Kevin Chou

    If you’re in the Bay Area, let’s go grab a lunch or breakfast. I fund start up companies all the time, and I think you have some pretty interesting ideas!

    Send me an email at kchou*AT*

    or give me a call at 650-854-8092! Hope to meet up with you when you’re in town.

  7. Anonymous

    how do you make money with facebook, i thought it was just like myspace, a social networking type of site. How can you make money doing that I dont understand.


  8. Anonymous

    Not much help at night,

    Good blog, this FUNNY too.
    MY wish, abolish wage
    withholding. 2006.
    JULY 24 2006. MON.

  9. Andrew

    You do take your real world business education seriously by going off to the West Coast. I do admire a person of your age taking the time to constantly learn. All of this hard work is and will pay off for you.

  10. surya


    Dell will be speaking in Singapore on 15th August, which just happens to be my birthday . See . Looking forward to confirm your observation

    Been a fan of the blog. Will definitely seek you out once you’re in the US.

  11. Anonymous

    Greetings from Finland!

    I have an interesting business proposal to you. You should start to sell those change jars. I would love to have such a change jar (which generates income), in fact I would be willing to buy at least 10000 such change jars if the price is reasonable. During the last year your jar has produced 305 dollars income, that not bad at all!

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