Get Random

Bear with me as this blog changes its layout.

The blog is simply a hobby, so it doesn’t take priority….meaning it’ll slowly improve.

One cool thing I added is the RANDOM button.

Where will it take you???  WHO KNOWS?!?!?!

I also put one on HouseOfRave:

Blog posted on: August 31, 2010

2 comments on “Get Random

  1. linda

    I’ve been seeing this theme around lately and each time I’m like Ooh. I like this theme.

    It might be a tad too pink for you though, Neville.

  2. roth

    i’ve been checking your blog post consistently this month…just wanted to say congratulation of accomplishing this goal!

    keep up the great postings–you always have great ideas that help me think about how i can be more productive than i am already am.



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