Giant Sticky Note Pads

I got a sample of these “Genius Pads” and it’s actually a product with some potential….basically a giant sticky note pad. Dan Sherman took the idea and started distributing them to the U.S. with his own website which has a much better name: Mega Sticky.

I thought this was a very neat and simple product, and I’ve been using them to draw out plans and sometimes detailed to-do lists:

It’s obviously a hell of a lot bigger than a regular sticky note, so it’s good for drawing out plans etc for review.

This is a product which has the potential to be sold in places like Staples and Wal-Mart, but their packaging is absolutely hideous. I say they don’t copy Post-It packaging, but at least make it slightly more professional like theirs.

I would also recommend the proprietors to encourage usage of these giant sticky pads in the office environment rather than aiming them towards kids. It seems big corporate contracts for these would be more lucrative than individuals or schools.

I can just imagine someone like a car designer, architect or engineer drawing out ideas on these then posting them on a wall to look at “The big picture.”

Neat little product. Good luck with it Arash & Kelly!

Blog posted on: October 17, 2006

6 comments on “Giant Sticky Note Pads

  1. Henry

    Post-It already sells these. We’ve had them in our office for years. The ones we have in our office are slightly bigger and easily fit on a large paper flip chart.

  2. Marco

    I would imagine the biggest problem with these would be the adhesive… Because its a larger piece of paper – there would be more weight… hence it probably wouldn’t last too long stuck up on a wall…

  3. PLA

    Hey Nev, I started a business after getting inspiration from you and am managing $1000 in profits for this month and $6000 in revenues. Thanks pal, and keep up the good work!

    PS: why not move to the DC-Baltimore area, there is more growth opportunity here than in Boston.

  4. PLA

    :) kind of secretive about it as barriers to entry are low.. However, try trading stocks, they’re a great way to make money if you are into that stuff..


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