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On February 1st 2006 I for the first time put Google Adsense on NevBlog. I begrudgingly did this to fund my charity account, but the ads annoy me more than anything, so I will take them down for a little while.

Selling Pixels made me over $2,000 with just a little work and was more fun/unique than AdSense. However, I do see why people use Adsense. Here are the revenues from my first few days using AdSense:

After the 5th day, revenues were usually pretty low, somewhere in the $1 – $2 range or lower….sporadically jumping to over $10 on some days. The big money days were when I actually wrote about the ads, naturally drawing more attention to them.

Something really going against the ads is they were “below the fold” which means people must first scroll down to see them. I like extremely simple usability, and putting an ad where a navigation menu should go is a no-no to me.

If utilized correctly, people can actually make a decent amount of extra money with AdSense. This would mean positioning the ads correctly and writing about high pay-per-click topics, neither of which I did (or plan to). However, the ads tend to clutter pages and skew what content topics are written about.

This was a nice little experiment with Google Adsense for me. I learned something and came away with a total of $138 for the 28 days of February…..roughly $5/day.

Blog posted on: March 6, 2006

20 comments on “Google Ads Gone

  1. personal Finance Advice

    This was a nice little experiment with Google Adsense for me. I learned something and came away with a total of $138 for the 28 days of February…..roughly $5/day.

    You mean your charity did, right? ;)

  2. dave

    Interesting what you can do over short period of time. I’m currently looking at a few alternatives to google adsence but as yet nothing looks quite a promising as adsence.

  3. jim

    dave – he was able to do well because he has a good level of traffic. i think the first few days were just readers clicking to add to the charity account (which can be seen as an incentive, which is a google TOS no-no, but it’s for charity and who’s gonna hate on that?) and then it trickled back down to normal. $5/day is a nice bit of change.

  4. FMF

    I’d suggest you try again with the ads on the top left blended to match your site. Believe me, your charity will thank you. ;-)

  5. My Financial Blog


    What charity are you supporting. It would be nice to see you post a picture handing over the google check to the Executive Director or a representative of what ever charity you choose.

    For soem odd feeling, I don’t think you’ll actually donate the money — you seem slick…kinda like a used car salesman.


  6. Dave

    Absolutely Jim I agree, without having a high level of traffic you are lucky to make $1 a day.

    For those of you who are “adsense savvy” is there a way to see how much commission on clicks you make with different key words?

  7. Metis Online

    You can see that if you have a AdWords account. Google has a tool that suggests the right amount of $ to receive clicks

  8. Metis Online

    it may be me.. but I can’t really understand why you wouldn’t want an extra 150$ per month (could be even more of you place the ads in the right spot)

  9. Tim

    Nice work Neville. I hope I can make a little money on my blog…at least to cover the hosting cost. I like that pixel ad idea too, very clever – and profitable. Keep up the good work.

  10. mapgirl

    Interesting! I rearranged my Blogger template to move the ads to the top of my sidebar and above the fold. My Amazon ads are down below. I found that I get better clicks on Amazon ads when they are text inside the posting instead of a picture ad. Perhaps it’s because it’s less obviously an ad that way?

    I can’t stand sites that are covered in advertisements which I why I only have the one panel at the top of mine. I suppose I’d do better if I had a lot more traffic, but one thing at a time, you know? :-D

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