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I’m a big fan of blogs which I can take some information away from, but one thing I’ve noticed is the very annoying presence of Google Adwords. They look disgusting, clutter the page and make it known the author wants some money for their blog.

That may be a harsh review, but I’d like to ask anyone who uses Adwords: How much money do you make off them per month? Also, how many clicks equate to what amount of money? Leave comments please, I am very curious.

Unless they generate hundreds of dollars per month, I refuse to put them on my site. I did a bit of research, and could find no reports of personal finance bloggers reporting their profits from Adwords.

I have a friend who runs a popular skiing website which makes a pretty comfortable living off Adwords, but his site gets a massive amount of traffic and draws people actively looking to make reservations, find new ski lodges etc.

Help me solve this question! Anyone with Adwords on their blog, let me know what you net!

Blog posted on: March 9, 2005

7 comments on “Google Adwords

  1. Dan Sherman

    Hi Neville. I use adwords on my blog at My average adwords paycheck each month is about $100.

    You should look at it differently. Adwords should be viewed as targeted content for your readers. It’s designed to give your readers more info on whatever topic you are writing about. Of course, sometimes it’s a bit off, but for the most part, it serves up ads that may very well be of interest to your readers. I actually use Adwords when I’m reading websites because more often than not, there’s an ad there related to the subject of the site I’m reading and I’m there because I have an interest in that subject. So, I’ll click on an interesting ad every time. One, it helps the site owner and two, it gives me something else interesting to look at.

    Whenever your first reaction is to feel negative towards or about something, turn it around and see if you can think of the positive. It’s a good philosophy to operate on. :-)

    Make it a great day!
    Dan Sherman

  2. Mike

    It’s actually against the Google TOS to discuss earnings. So, I don’t think you will get many people answering this question. I don’t know if blogging for profit is a good thing or not, but I think that if people are getting some financial reward, they might provide better information. Personally, I like Adwords. Sometimes you see interesting links that you may have never found. Much better than some of the meaningless banners out there.

  3. Zarathustra's Son

    I’ve advertised via Google Adwords. The click-through ratios for Adwords are worse than on search results pages. Those users that click through are far less likely to explore the advertisers site. So Adwords offer questionable value to visitors. And Google are continually reducing the proportion of ad revenue that the webmasters keep.

  4. Personal Finance Blog

    First, it is called Google Adsense for publishers. Adword is the program name for advertisers. I assume you want to be a publisher instead of advertiser in this game.

    Second, Adsense is a great fit to blog, which tends to be very focused. From my experience, you have a very good chance to have very related ads displayed on your site.

    I will suggest you give it a try. I will not be able to disclose how much I earn from Adsense but I will say nowadays it’s a worthwhile effort. It does help me to pay some (big) bills every month. Of course there is no guarantee for success, and it will be a slow start anyway — your pageview is still the most important thing that dictates your results. Without traffic, there is no way you can make money out of the program.

  5. Michael

    I’ll second what Personal Finance Blog said. AdSense can be a worthwhile effort when you have the traffic to make it so.

  6. Anonymous

    I have three blogs with adsense and lots of old posts with amazon associate links. Over time, I come to make on average $250 per month for both. During the holidays, I made a lot more. It’s worth it if you could do it discretely. Mine are pretty discrete and I rely on my google pagerank of 5 to keep people coming back (most revenue comes from archived post rather than my home pages)


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