Google Experiment 2 – Herb Kelleher

Over the years I’ve become pretty good at search engine optimization.

I proved this in my last google experiment where I successfully dominated the keyword “Starbucks Liquor.” To get where I am, I continously do Google Experiments…just to stay up-to-date.

The challenge is to get ranked high on common and saught-after keywords such as “Business”. I’ve become an expert at ranking #1 in less common keywords, thanks to this I’ve never had to pay for advertising on some of my businesses. That has always been a HUGE money saver.

To further hone my knowledge of how Google works, I am doing another experiment. For some reason I want to pick on Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines. I met the guy as seen here:

I detailed how I met him in this post about a corporate governance conference.

My goal for this experiment is to see if NevBlog can place #1 when someone Googles in the keyword “Herb Kelleher” or “Founder of Southwest Airlines

I’ll be timing this experiment, and hopefully I will learn something new along the way.

Blog posted on: July 25, 2005

11 comments on “Google Experiment 2 – Herb Kelleher

  1. Gtrkev

    Hi Nev!

    I just discovered your site a few days ago and it is a blast!

    Although we currently work full time jobs, My wife and I are real estate investors and we are trying to start a small part time business. We love your entrepreneurial spirit.


    Maybe it will help you get experience of working with venture capital or investor’s money.

    As your first investor, I hope we can both make some money on your next idea.

    Also, this may encourage other people or companies to sponsor more of your great work.

    Way to go!


  2. Anonymous

    At this rate and with these kinds of goof-ball ideas (you are proving WHAT? a WELL-KNOWN FACT?), it will take a very, and I mean very long time to reach the $$$$$ goals you have set for yourself in a post not that long ago. I still believe you have pulled the numbers out of a hat and they have no basis in a reasonable estimate. It seems you are HOPING to see those $$$$$ and hoping that someone will supply them. So far I have seen nothing a VC or two I know would be interested in.

  3. Anonymous

    oh man, this stuff is too good. I love it Nev, thank you! Best post by far so far, the one about Enwon…damn!

  4. ncnblog

    Hey Nev,
    Quick post from a guy with no “business” school education…very simple…exactly how did you go about incorporating ENWON? Is it very difficult. I am a neophyte. Thanks for the help.

  5. Anonymous

    Setting up an LLC or an Inc. is just as easy as setting up a domain name… the only difference is the fee… which is very steep depending on the state in which you plan on incorporating, and if you want to avoid certain types of taxes…. just Google “incorporation” and you’ll get good feedback…. as always, RTFM. :D

  6. Anonymous

    seems like you have a knack for improving the position of websites. Can I hire you to help me get better ranking for my website?



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