Graduated, Full Time Investment Vehicle Creator

Formerly I was: Neville Medhora, college student.

I’ve now graduated from the University of Texas:
Major: Government
Minor: Business

I am now: Neville Medhora, Investment Vehicle Creator.
Investment Vehicle Creator = Phrase I made up because I don’t like the word entrepreneur.

I will be celebrating New Year’s in Miami, FL., then return to Austin to begin my IVC adventure/career. It’s now fully up to me whether or not I succeed.

I live in a wonderful city, have roughly $30,000 in the bank, a college degree, a large arsenal of experience, a good business network, two forms of transportation, a loving family, I’m fully insured, have low monthly costs, multiple forms of reliable income, several large projects in the works and an insatiable appetite for productivity.

2006 will either be a wonderful year towards my success or a dismal failure.

The trick will simply be working hard and working smart. I’ve heard time and time again from successful people that simply outworking the other guy will get you ahead.
I can no longer say I am busy with school, meaning I have one less excuse for procrastination and unproductivity.


Upcoming Problems & Changes:

In 2006 I will no longer have time constraints or the structured schedule that school imposes. I will have to self discipline myself to wake up earlier, work harder and properly manage my time.

“If we do not discipline ourselves the world will do it for us.”
–William Feather
(Stolen from TheKirkReport)

Another change I didn’t anticipate was the change in my business card. I generally carry at least 3 of these on me at all times. The first order of change is creating a new email address. I was also thinking of putting an odd slogan on the card under my name such as “It rhymes with Devil,” as it helps clarify the pronunciation of my name and stands out at the same time. I’m not sure if that’s clever or just cheesy.

I was toying with the idea of getting, business cards that portray you as a superhero. They seem to really stand out, but I think right now they are too gaudy for me:

I don’t want to spend too much time creating a new business card, as I am the one who makes the first impression, not the card….although it can help.

I will however leave the web address on the card, as I’ve found a phenomenally large amount of people I hand the card to will visit and actually read it….speaking of, I must also update that.

Another challenge will be meeting new people. In a quest to continually expand my network of people, I now must more actively put myself in situations where I can meet new people. The college environment forces people to interact, but once taken out of that environment, the rules change. For the first time in my life I am out of school, so this should be interesting.

It’s completely up to me now whether I succeed or go down in flames. Time to get started!

Blog posted on: December 24, 2005

29 comments on “Graduated, Full Time Investment Vehicle Creator

  1. Art Vandalay

    Neville, you are truly one amazing kid. You are living the dream of many people: Going out in the world, working for yourself and making your own path to success.

    I wish you much success on your journey and will definitely keep track of how you are doing!


    I can’t imagine that you’d need to clarify the pronunciation of your name. If they can’t pronounce Neville, then they probably can’t pronounce devil (or read). As to whether or not it would make you more memorable, it almost certainly would. But in a good way or a bad way?


  3. Anonymous

    Good luck with everything, Nev. Make sure to keep us up to date as to how things go in “the real world.” :) Cheers!

  4. Anonymous


    Congrats my friend. I am proud of your most recent accomplishment and proud to be an ‘accomplice’. Bob and I are up to our usual tricks in Big D. Please join us to celebrate your graduation.

    Your Pal,


  5. Chief Show Officer

    First, thanks for considering ShowOffCards for your business card supplier. The phrase “gaudy” hurt a bit but I’ll get over it :^)

    ShowOffCards are definitely not for everybody but from what I can tell about your personality based on your blog you could absolutely pull them off. (I have not given up on you – check your email)

    In any case, congrats on graduation, I can’t wait to see when and how you make your first million.

    Chief Show Officer

  6. indrax

    If you really have a problem with mispronunciations, I’d say “It rhymes with level” instead. It turns a negative connotation into positive one.

    Or you could go straight to the car salesman route with “Level Neville”

  7. Michael Patzer

    Congratulations! Is grad school a possibility in the future? How did you like UT-Austin? I’m likely transferring there next year.

  8. pfadvice

    Congrats on the graduation and welcome to the “real world” – You’re right in that you’ll have to motivate yourself a bit more, but I highly doubt that you’ll have much of a problem doing that.

    While 2006 may be a wonderful year or dismal failure financially, I’m sure that whatever happens you’ll take it as a learning experience and come away better prepared and with more knowledge for the next round.

  9. My Financial Blog


    Congrats! 2006 will bring you great success. You are well prepared to head out on your own. With the 30k cushion, experience, network and nice steady income from HOR — I cannot see why a guy like you will burn in 2006. Keep us posted!

    My Financial Blog Network

  10. Osman

    Skip the rhymes with Devil bit. It will alienate people, plus I agree with earlier posters. “Neville” isn’t hard to pronounce.

    I agree, the Showoff cards are a bit much. Thanks for the inspiration.


  11. Chris O.

    You make Investment Vehicle Creator sound like a euphemism for entrepreneur. What’s wrong with an entrepreneur being an “entrepreneur?” Entrepreneurship is about much more than just creating an investment vehicle–it’s a creative pursuit as well, by the way. Sometimes, these entrepreneurial projects we’ve borne take on a force of their own, driven to create wealth. To be an entrepreneur is to make one’s imagination a reality.

  12. How To Be Poor

    This is what college is good for:

    - Networking/meeting people;
    - Partying;
    - Acquiring basic research skills;

    As far as accumulating knowledge while in college, you are basically paying someone else a lot of money to motivate you. If you’ve already got the motivation to learn, college is as necessary as a Segway scooter. A few decent used books from Amazon took me a lot farther than some of my college classes taught by stuck-up grad TI’s.

    Good luck, Nev.

  13. How To Be Poor

    Books I was talking about:

    Guide to Oracle9i by Joline Morrison, Professional ASP.NET 2.0 by Bill Evjen, Decision Modeling with Microsoft Excel by Jeffrey H. Moore.

    I dare say one doesn’t even need those books if one was inclined to save a hundred bucks. W3Schools offers tons of free tutorials, as well as code and quizzes one can tinker with.

  14. Joseph Cheng

    Hi, you got some great content on your blog and I will definately be comming back for updates! I am from the UK not the US but I believe I have to same entrepreneurial spirit as you!

    Happy New Year!

    Join me, Jing Cheng, in my journey to making my first million! I hope to keep you informed of my new business ideas and ventures through this blog and my progress towards £1 million! I am a student studying economics,in Cambridge, UK.

  15. R


    I would not put “rhymes with devil” on the businesscard, unless you are targeting a specific market where that would go over well.

    I like the suggestion someone made of “level” because of it’s positive connotations.

    Rather than insert it as a moto underneath the name, I would put it in quotes between the first name and last name like a nickname. Especially in Texas, that is common among parts of business, and may resonate with certain people and counter-balence the fact you are not white.

    Try out these on your friends and see what they like:

    Neville “On the Level” Medhora
    Neville “the Level” Medhora
    Neville “Level” Medhora

    Also, if people mispronounce your name it’s ok. Don’t make a big deal about it. If they do a lot of business with you they will eventually pick up the right way to say it, and if they don’t, who cares ? Don’t leave a first impression of quibbling over pronounciation.

  16. How To Be Poor

    I cannot disagree more with the author of the previous post.

    Firstly, I bet Neville would never put “rhymes with Devil” on his business card. He wrote that as a note to us, the readers.

    Secondly, making up nicknames that rhyme with your first name and placing them in quotation marks between your first and last name is, and I’m very sure of it, very stupid.

  17. Tiredbuthappy

    How to be poor, you got that right. My name rhymes with waaay too many words.

    Neville, congratulations. It will be fun watching you take the world by storm. You have more energy than even my two-year-old. Do you drink a lot of espresso, or are you naturally so….charged?

    Claire “The Bear”

  18. Jonathan Hartman


    I watched an interview on Fox News this morning with a 21 year old, UK college student who made 1 million dollars in 4 months by selling advertising pixels for a dollar each.


  19. Anonymous

    First of all congratulations & best of luck.
    I agree with most of the comments above. I do not see what is the point of your fixation on your name rhyming with devil. That is so college & so immature. I see no reason why anyone who wants to be taken seriously should spend even a second thinking about what his/her name rhymes with. I have as yet to meet a serious business person that would even think about that.
    I do see a larger problem with your image creation though than just your business card. Your website, your business card and your self-proclaimed title of “investment vehicle creator” tells me nothing, and I mean ABSOLUTE NOTHING about why I should do business with you. Sorry, maybe I am a bit dense. But I have stopped by your blog few times over the last 12 months and with the exception of HOR I have no clue as to what you have been doing. Sorry just JMHO.

  20. Anonymous

    I’ve actually met Neville on the UT Campus and talked with him.

    Talking with him reveals all sorts of other projects and incomes he has, however the blog does not. But trust me, this kid is busy.

    For the commentor before me, there are many privacy issues involved with spilling as much information as Neville does with House Of Rave. Therefore he does not talk about deals involving other people and partnerships.

    Best of luck Nev & Congrats on graduating. Keep in touch.



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