Blog posted on: September 21, 2012

4 comments on “Habits: Making Them and Killing Them

  1. Arik Ermshaus

    Like the “Waking Up at 7am” thing, because it kinda forces you to live healthier if you wanna achieve this. Like you can’t drink every other evening too much alcohol or party all night.

    One habit I have that’s real good is:

    I have a morning plan. When I wake up I am always like: “Fuck I wanna sleep a few more minutes.” Now I decided to schedule my morning actions like: eating, taking a shower, preparing… so that I have to get up to do these things + my brain can relax another half hour because everything’s planned.


    1. Neville

      Even if I used to drink….I’d still force myself to wake up at 7am (and I’d HATEEEE myself for it)…..but then I allowed myself to go back to sleep.

      So long as I woke up at 7am, I hit my goal.

      This simple thing led to huge productivity!

  2. Dividendium

    This was awesome!

    A couple things that came to mind while watching…

    BJ Fogg has something called “3 tiny habits” where he talks about establishing a habit by linking it to some habit you already have. And starting off tiny. So instead of flossing all teeth after you brush…just floss one. Get that established, and then it will be easy to roll forward and do all teeth.

    Other thing was something Tynan wrote a while back. If you want to make or break a habit, change your belief. His healthy eating was an easy change once he installed the belief that bad food will kill you. (I’m paraphrasing him some, but that was the gist.)

    So it pays to think about what you would need to believe for you to *need* to do something. Think of it kind of like a hypochondriac. They don’t have to remember to wash their hands…their belief in evil germs means they can’t stop themselves from doing it.


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