Hangout with me (virtually) at 2pm CST today!

Since Google Hangouts is cool as hell and lets you live-Youtube-stream your videos AND save them, here’s a copy of the quick 30 minute live broadcast I did.

I forgot to hit “record” until about 2 minutes in, but you’ll live.

I go over:

1.) How I hired an assistant the automated way(who helped me put together this entire thing totally last minute).


2.) How I’m building out a new product.  Backstage access.

I’m not pitching anything in this video.  Just wanted to give cool info out for fun.  I really liked this Google Hangout thing!

Lemme know if you have questions for future mini-broadcasts like this!



Hey heeyyy, I’m doing a free & quick “webinar” thing (I hate that word) on Google Hangouts in a few hours…..

….today (Tuesday 6-12-2012) at 2:00pm Central time.  
I’m gonna discuss:
1.) How I hired an assistant (in fact, he helped me put all this together).  I also hired in a very different way than most people….it’s VERY useful info.
2.) A lot of people ask how I ACTUALLY MAKE courses to sell online, and we’re about 10% done with a new course, so I’m gonna show you behind-the-scenes how that process is going.
This course will likely make me tens of thousands of dollars…..and you’ll get an inside peek at how it’s researched, filmed, and bundled up!
I’ll keep this quick……30 minutes max….maybe even less.
I’ll be sending the link via Twitter around 2pm.  (my twitter is @nevmed)
A few people can even join the actual Google Hangout (up to 9 people only) when I post it:
So keep a look out on my Twitter around 2pm CST today for the link to watch this hangout!
Seeya today at 2pm CST!

Blog posted on: June 12, 2012

23 comments on “Hangout with me (virtually) at 2pm CST today!

    1. Neville Post author

      Well you can only have 9 other people in the hangout ON VIDEO….but you can have UNLIMITED people on the same call.

      Just click “Broadcast Live” before you start the chat, and it will automatically start streaming live through Youtube!!

  1. Arik Ermshaus

    Great Session Nev!

    I’d looking forward to more of these webinars in the future.

    Great, free information!

    IDEA: Maybe when your KKKs launches you could introduce it with a webinar, guess people would love it and CRs should be insane high (no joke!)

    If you’re looking forward to try it mail on that one… I’ll help.


    1. Neville Post author

      We might try it that way. This will be a pretty useful course, so I might try the webinar method….but probably use Google Hangouts.

      1. Neville Post author

        By “reject” we’re going to rip some of these apart.

        In terms of not saying the website itself is horrible, but that in cases like yours, you DON’T NEED a fancy website!

  2. Rad Deals

    Nev, looks like you have some spammers.

    Also, I wish you gave more notice than a few hours… I’d love to be part of the next webinar/hangout thing.


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