Hard Drive Crash

The hard drive crashed on my tablet pc two days ago, stuff happens.

Bought a new hard drive from ebay which after shipping cost me about $100. Now I need to find a proprietary Toshiba external CD drive so I can load the operating system to the new drive. Till then, I am using the University of Texas computers for everything….like back in the day! It reminds me of high school how I started House Of Rave from the school computers because my home computer was too slow.

I haven’t backed up the computer for about a month, so I’ve lost all my work/pictures since then……grrr…..but I’ll live.

LESSON TO LEARN: Backup more often.

On a fun scale of one to ten, this rates about a two. Tinkering with hard drives and electronics is always fun, but not as much when you just lost all your work.

Since almost everything I do is internet based, I thought if my laptop crashed it would be the same as my office burning down….but it really hasn’t been. I can still use the UT computers which have all the necessary software I need (Thanks R) and thankfully I do monthly backups, which I should increase to bi-monthly.

The main thing I miss is my email on Outlook. I’m currently back to using webmail to check all my email accounts.

Luckily, the total cost of this hard drive failure after I get everything fully repaired should be under $150.


Blog posted on: September 22, 2006

10 comments on “Hard Drive Crash

  1. EP

    you should consider carbonite.com, a small and simple download that backs up all new files and changes to old files automatically everytime you log onto the internet. its like real-time hosted backup.

  2. personal finance advice

    Losing data always sucks. The monetary cost usually isn’t near as costly as the time wasted in haing to get back up to speed.

  3. longtermer

    The best way to back up more frequently is to make it totally automatic and to do it over the network, not with removeable disks.

    I use a great, free program for this called Unison, check it out. There are also many others.

    Love the site, I have a similar one but more focused on the get-rich-slowly strategy:

  4. WRJ

    my recommendation would be to check out JungleDisk a front end for Amazons S3 service.

    Unison, I use to backup up software and drivers (things I dont have to worry about encrypting). Data Ive generated should atleast have the option of being encrypted. I back it up between my desktop and laptop. With the logic if anything happens while Im not home the laptop is with me.

    carbonite, worries me with no scaling as the data volumes increase. Doesnt seem like they have a way to sustain the growth of there service.

    gdrive is also a good option but it has to be chunked up in ~2gb blocks with multiple accounts. I dont like having to choose what is important and what isnt. The other bad piece is google can restrict access via gdrive just by changing how login is handled and author of gdrive has to compensate and you have to get the latest version before the data will be available again.

  5. billy

    I have yet to need the propritary CD to rebuild/re-install a machine. It might be different for a tablet machine, but any good manufacturer would include the drivers required for the machine on their website.

    Do you run normal XP or some version of tablet OS? Of course, I always installed XP. You probably have the XP CD Key on the sticker on the bottom of your machine. I believe it is legal to borrow a install CD and use your own XP Key to install it.

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