Hiring an assistant

Anyone here in Austin who’d wanna be my assistant?


Here’s the Craigslist ad with more info:


Here’s the form to fill out if you’re interested!


Let any family/friends know what’s up!

Blog posted on: April 23, 2012

14 comments on “Hiring an assistant

  1. Ryan

    Hey Boss,
    Off topic, just wanted to share. Working on killing my “wantrepeneur”. Live in Cali and recently set myself up with a re sellers license with the Board of Equalization of California, and set up with a fictitious business statement with the county recorders office, and placed that same info with a local paper. Also did some research on E commerce web store software, and found “Volusion” promising. Currently building a site for the free trial offer with intentions to pay in the future. Listing products from a “D” ship sight I intend to business with. Will this one work,,,,don’t know, but I am learning already for the next step. Will be bugging you with questions brother. Your “How it Works” is inspirational,,,,,BUY IT IF YOU ARE SERIOUS. Thanks

  2. Alex Ivory

    Dang!! What an awesome opportunity. If you ever need a virtual assistant let me know. I live in Arizona. I can do video editing, word press, typing fast[thanks to ten fast fingers:], would love to learn from someone like you.

  3. Mark

    I would do this just for the educational entrepre-tunity. I won’t be back in Austin for a while though, so no go for me.

    Too bad because I would be an amazing fit.

    I’ll be in touch when I’m back in Austin to see if you’re still looking for some help around the farm. :-) It never hurts to have a spare pair of hands.

    – Mark

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  5. Denny Chapin


    I’m curious about how the assistant (you recorded a video about in this post) worked out for you.

    Would you recommend hiring a personal assistant?

    Lemme know, and thanks for writing!
    -Denny Chapin


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