Hot Car = Hot Tea

Tea post
Tea post

Tea post

Tea post

I used to do this with plastic water bottles,
but plastic bottles + lots of heat = not good.

So now instead of gross water that I never sip, I just keep different flavors of tea in the car all the time!

Blog posted on: July 25, 2010

5 comments on “Hot Car = Hot Tea

  1. Tee

    Wow Neville great idea! I live in a hot climate and always have a water with me. I have given up leaving it in my car because of the same reason, but when I take it into store and such in my bag (if the water has been opened already) they often loosen in my purse soaking everything including my phone.

    Ireally like the look of those glass bottles and that plastic cap (not metal cap like on a snaffle or something…which eventually rust if you reuse and rewash them).

    Can you Please tell me what kind of bottles they are or what product you recycled them from? I had a very pricey hot tea to go bottle (double glass) that shattered and why pay for another one of those if yours works that well?

    Also how many days do you allow the tea to sit in your car? I’m a little nervous that the warm water can start growing new life forms eventually since it’s not really at boiling level.

    Thanks for the blog…and the idea.



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