House Keeping

Few points of interest:

-Part 2 of the Bottled Water Experiment will be posted tomorrow. That’s right, I’ve got Barry the Bum selling 5 cases of bottled water this Tuesday. So far I’ve invested $42. Will he run away with my investment or outperform all expectations?

-My Alamo Apprentice team (Here and Here) beat the opposing team by 152% and set a new record for food/drink sales for a Wednesday night.

-I bought my first tailored suit. Thanks to “Bob” for the hookup.

-I bought another pair of shorts from Nordstrom. I still can’t believe how courteous and helpful their employees are. My own friends aren’t even that nice to me!

-PineCone Research sent me a $5 check for a 20 minute survey. Very painless process, and they sent the check in less than 5 days. Brought to my attention by Jim at Barganeering.

-I didn’t meet my 4-31-2005 goal of making $11,000. Son of a……. It was pretty much an arbitrary number that I selected, but I’m still very dissapointed I failed. I will continue to keep track of how much money I’ve made for another few months. I need to further analyze the wrong steps I took to miss the goals.

-I’ve added FORUMS to the site. It’s a work in progress, but fully ready for posting. Registration costs $150.00…..just kidding, it’s free and not even necessary (you owe me now!)

Blog posted on: May 3, 2005

6 comments on “House Keeping

  1. Cap

    oooh part two! I can’t wait to see the results. the suspense! Will barry run away and claim he was abducted? or will there be more dashing pics for us to gawk at :)

    and a forum too! I was thinking with the increase in site traffic, a forum will be a good place for users to discuss and exchange ideas.

    - Cap @

  2. Neville

    I got a comment asking if I will link blog posts to the discussion forums….

    Yes I will. That is the plan starting tommorrow when I post the Bottled Water Experiment Part Deux (Which has already turned out pretty well so far)!

  3. jim

    Glad I could hook you up Nev. :)

    They actually send the check and the email at the same time I think because I know I’ve received the check before I looked in my email account.

    I eagerly await the water experiment. :)

  4. Joshua Estrin


    You are a force, but amigo a business needs to be smart (profits) and healthy (in this case, culturally sensitive)

    If you want to keep your workforce moral high please consider calling them Homeless not Bums

    You know I am your biggest fan and I am not one who tip toes around rules but BUM nope give it a new spin…



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