House Of Rave Version 3.0

Since the last overhaul of my business, I haven’t really done much to the business except for change suppliers (no small task). The initial changes I made nearly tripled profits in just a few months, and I’m hoping I can replicate that success and more.

So recently I’ve been making a couple of changes which will hopefully take HouseOfRave to the next level. To start, the changes I made over the last week were:

Upgraded Policies Page:
Clearer return policies, shipping policies and other information reduces the amount of inquiries I get about these things.

New Product Listings:
I’ve recently added a whole Disco Balls Section and Lamps Section to the site, and will continue to add several products per day to existing sections.

HoR Embedded Player:
A while ago I updated the highly popular videos section on HouseOfRave by putting all the videos on YouTube. The problem is YouTube ends videos by showing other related videos which takes viewers back to YouTube. Even when you click on the video, it takes you away from my site.

To solve this problem, I’ve now got a HouseOfRave-branded video player installed with my own logo and all.

I’m in the process of upgrading the videos to this format, and I’ve also got the comments and rating system like YouTube’s coming within the next week. The new Version 3.0 video section will also allow users to upload their own videos and have them rated by other members.

Email Newsletter Signup:
One of the fundamental ways of getting people to return to your site is by having a newsletter sent out. I started up the HouseOfRave Newsletter again using the GetResponse online application (as recommended by Yaro’s site).

I put the simple signup form on the header in order to start building a larger subscriber list. I’m thinking maybe I should move the signup for to the right-hand navigation instead?

It’s been over 2 years since I’ve really made any big changes, so it’s kind of fun mixing things up!

Blog posted on: October 29, 2007

16 comments on “House Of Rave Version 3.0

  1. John

    Hey Neville,

    First of all, just want to say I love your blog. You’re real inspiration to entrepreneurs.

    I’ve been running my own business for about 2 years now, and was considering starting an online business. Can you give me any tips for finding good drop shipping companies?

    Any information or suggestions would be very appreciated.



  2. Eric

    I think the whole concept of House Of Rave is really cool and an impressive way to make $$. I’ll be keeping my eye on it to watch for your changes.

    Keep up the good work Nev.

  3. Apple Pie Recipes

    How are the sales going lately? I like the site, but I would consider moving the upper navigation area to the left more.. it seems a bit too far to the right.

    How is the subscriber list going?

  4. Anonymous

    Jason P…love your blog, especially the post about you declaring bankruptcy.

    Guess you should have sold more water.

    Looking forward to Nev’s bankruptcy post, and all the asskissers telling him what a great move BK is.

  5. Jason P

    Hey thanks for reading my blog! Its true. I’m finally getting it worked out. But creditors are STILL reporting negative credit to my report. Any advice on getting this straight anyone?

  6. Jason P

    I detected it just fine. However I decided to channel positive energy because you did in fact read my blog. Thats important to me. And that was essentially the goal.

  7. Millionster

    Ah, so yeah, Nev, — I might have missed the post but how did you go about finding a supplier?

    ROFLMAO @ the Anons – sometimes I just come here to read the comments. lol.

  8. Millionster

    Ok nevermind..

    “SUPPLIER: There is a supplier in California that sells all of the products I “carry”. I simply add products as they come in stock.
    I found the supplier by calling about 15 different places before I found one.”


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