How the F*#% do I make money?

Since I’ve never had a real job, people always ask me how I make money.

Here’s the answer on video:


(people have already said this was a SUPER inspiring video… set aside 15 minutes and watch it. Took me 3 days to edit this mofo)!!


Click the image to see the video, or here’s the direct YouTube link:


Hope this was informative or inspiring to you :)

Blog posted on: April 12, 2013

18 comments on “How the F*#% do I make money?

  1. Jeff

    Sweet! I hope to make a video like this in a few years. My philosophy: You learn things that lead to new things, that lead to newer things which leads you to better things (the cycle is never-ending). Feed your curiosity. It won’t fail you.

  2. Jason

    Good shiz as always, Noah. Next product should be on entrepreneurial mindset and overcome stupid limitations like hesitation, perfectionism, etc.

  3. Brett

    I don’t really know if I’d call this inspirational.

    I’m sure you’re a smart guy and naturally smart at making money.

    But with your story (which really doesn’t resonate with me) it’s that every step of your life you start something new and then BAM! “Wow I made 10x more money than I thought I would.”

    Maybe that’s really how your life is…

    Personally I’ve found if you want something you need to work pretty hard for it. It’s not usually a cakewalk like you’ve described here.

    Hence why many good salesletters contain a rags-to-riches story.

    Does anyone really relate to a college kid who saved up enough money to live for 3 years by the time he graduated college?

    I didn’t.

    1. Neville Post author

      No dumbass, I worked hard at each and every one.

      Went through a lot of failures and let downs, before something would strike.

      You think I “saved up enough money to live for 3 years” by being lazy and having it be a cakewalk? No.

      You don’t see the long hours of solitary work, or books I read, or the sheer number of events I attended to learn all this

    2. Jason

      Brett, I spent a whole weekend with Neville doing a business consult, and that guy works harder and longer than most. He actually is on the court playing the game ALL THE TIME versus being in the stands.

  4. Ben Altieri

    Brett, the whole point Neville makes over and over again in his copy is simplicity. And so that comes across as a cake walk. He’s spent years perfecting is craft of making money from ideas on which he executes while at the same time steering clear of cubicle nation / corporate America. I don’t know about you, but I have kids and I want them to be just like Neville.
    Besides, Neville is funny.
    How can you not like him?

  5. Chris

    Do you have any books in particular that really had an impact on your growth? That’s probably a bit vague but curious your response nonetheless.

  6. Sam Serv

    Great video, Nev!
    Both educational, inspirational and altogether badass! Admire you for selling a profitable muse business to focus on course-building. thanks for sharing!


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