Blog posted on: March 16, 2012

8 comments on “How to FIRE people

  1. Arik Ermshaus

    Hey Neville–

    you mentioned the “Steve-Jobs-Way-of-Firing”. I recently read his biography and for the first time I was really kinda SHOCKED how he dealt with his employees.

    However, if you see it in the long term, the guys who work RIGHT NOW in high positions @ Apple must be pretty fucking awesome.

    Especially the ones who came really early and “survived” Steve.

    Conclusively, I’d say: The Steve Jobs way of Firing is the good one, business and friendship SHOULD be two very different things in life!

    Have a nice day–

    1. Neville

      Like all stories, they always focus on the extremes… yes, he could be extremely abrasive.

      At the same time, he was pushing people to do things that have never been done in history…..sooooooo yes, he probably had to be more extreme.

  2. Eugene H.

    Hey Nev, I wanted to know have you or Noah ever had to fire someone for something crazy? like sex in the work place or stealing paper?

    How do those convos go?


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