How to think of which products to make

People always ask me, “How do you come up with so many products to make?”

….well the answer is pretty simple.  And it’s NOT always simple as copying something you’ve seen done successfully by someone else.

Here’s the 5 minute video (excuse the sweat….I just came back from the gym)!


Basically this video boils down to the phrase:

“To make money, solve a problem.”

Blog posted on: September 17, 2012

19 comments on “How to think of which products to make

  1. Leo Tabibzadegan

    “To make money, solve a problem”. -Amen Brotha!

    It’s like “I saw something that somebody needed to change, and then I realized I was that somebody!”.

    As long as we keep striving to serve and make the planet a better place for everyone, we will never run out of problems (opportunities) to solve!

    It’s when we only focus on ourselves (selfish, lacking, insecure), that our viewpoint becomes narrowed and our opportunities for bling-bling and a better world are missed.

    I wish bling-bling and a better world for all of you! :)

    Thanks for posting Nev!

    1. Neville Post author

      Thanks Leo!

      That quote is how fortunes are made. Solve a problem, and people will pay you for it. Difference amounts for different problems of course.


      P.S. Your thumbnail pic kinda looks like Aziz Ansari!

    1. Neville Post author

      That method uses some of the same tools, but is inherently different. That one puts people through “rounds”, but I feel sometimes eliminates people who don’t follow instructions to the dot.

      This method also shows some tricks I use with video and pages that work really well. I’m pretty sure this will be standard hiring practice in a few years when this catches on!

  2. Arik Ermshaus

    Think that course’s gonna help alotta startups that don’t have much time or people to hire others. Great idea. Did ya validated it in beforehand…? So that you can be sure

    people wanna spent MONEY on this one?

    AAAAAAAAAAAAND… quick remark on the side:

    Would love it when you find a way that the people who are in different types of ya auoresponders would only get your mails ONCE!


    P.S. Think your course’s gonna be successful on AppSumo … cuz the geeks hanging on this site are probably from startups!

    1. Neville Post author

      1.) Validated it using our highly technical GATS (Ghetto Ass Testing System) at AppSumo :-)

      2.) Working on the email thing. A lot of people got THREE of the same email. Apologies, working on it.

      3.) Even if it’s not the biggest seller, I have a feeling companies will show this to their employees (like they do with the KopywritingKourse) so they can hire quickly

  3. Greta Jourdane

    Neville I love your common sense approach to life. You wake people up in knowing that life can be simple, believe it or not Neville most people wouldn’t even tell you how to make money this way, they say get a degree/s. Nah.. your an inspiration buddy. For a youngster you have brilliant insight let no tell you otherwise. Thanks for people like you who are not afraid to just get out there and live your true core essence. Namaste Neville.

  4. Osiris

    Hi Nev, I appreciate another fundamental block of wisdom to build my own business experiences on.

    I have an important question to ask you. And it’s related to this post. I checked your contact page and your super ghetto nev1 site.

    I’m leaving this comment to let you know I will also be sending a message. So don’t trash the message from Osiris, would ya?

    Thanks homie!

  5. Jordan Hackney

    Hey Nev,

    Not at the point where i would be hiring, but i have a few questions about the post, finding and making products that people will buy. It seems all of your course follow the similar model( at least the one’s I’ve seen, and i don’t mean to be sarcastic with the following, this is really what i hear, and i don’t see anything wrong with it, you got my money more than once with it :) )

    1. Look what I’ve done, see how awesome I am at it( intro ~ 1/5 of course)

    2. Here is how i did it!(content ~1/2 to 3/5 of course)

    3. its not hard, you can do it too. (end of course pep talk to go out there and kick butt, plus a few extras to point you on the way, last 1/5 to 1/4 of course )

    My expertise comes in more… difficult to explain areas, such as electronics, and PLC programming. (Not used much outside factories, b/c they are so damn expensive, but almost explosion proof too) I guess my main question, is how do you pick/learn/develop the skill to kick butt at before you make a course/product on it? thanks for putting up with probably yet another person causing you a facepalm. Sumo’s need the practice, right?



    1. Neville


      …..I like to make ACTIONABLE courses. So you pay $69 (or whatev) for course….and in two hours you will know whatchya need to know to implement it yourself.

      I don’t make big, bloated courses that can sell for more money because that’s just FILLER.

      So if I’m teaching a skill like the hiring system…..yes, I need to first show them the amazing results I get using the system.

      Then I show em how to do it themselves.

      Then I show some other case studies and examples of OTHERS replicating the success.

      This is not a sales tactic….this is simply TEACH PEOPLE SHIT.
      That’s how I do it.
      That’s my style.
      That’s my way of making it fun to learn.

      If you have more specialized knowledge, you can look at courses on stuff like Udemy and see how many videos (and length of each video) it takes to teach people:

      ….naturally teaching someone a VERY SPECIALIZED AND TECHNICAL SKILL like programming will take WAY longer than my average 2 hour course. Duh.

      I stick with things that are very actionable within 2 hours. Personal preference :-)

      1. Jordan Hackney


        I wasn’t trying to be mean, and i apologize if i came across that way. I agree, the KISS philosophy is best, as me, and the rest of the world, is way more stupid than we’d ever actually admit.

        I hadn’t thought to look to Udemy as a possible outlet/venue/audience for the more technical, thanks for pointing that out.

        I agree your courses are very good, and the outline was not meant to be demeaning, I guess i was just trying to wrap my head around how to adopt it to more complex subjects, the answer is, of course, make it a whole hell of a lot longer and never lose their interest. Ball gowns can be as sexy as miniskirts right? just to a different audience. to reference your kopywriting quote.

        you do make the learning fun, and you do a great job of distilling complex subjects into easy to understand, actionable steps. I guess i poorly stated the question, how to apply that system of yours to the more complex areas some of us have expertise in.

        i apologize for riling you up, and thanks for taking the time to reply.



        1. Neville

          HA! You think THAT’S riled up?
          You haven’t actually seen me rip on someone yet :-)

          If you’re trying to learn a subject and teach it….buy some of similar products out there and try to improve upon them.

          Study how they did it, and see how you can offer something even better.

  6. Arnuld Ignacio

    Hi there! Just want to shoot you a big thank you for this great money making post. I too am very much interested in this topic. I hope you don’t mind coz I just bookmarked your site and so you’ll see me here quite often. Cheers!


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