HP Mini

Few days ago I bought one of these HP Mini netbooks (a netbook is basically a mini laptop). They’re super cheap, extremely portable and great for carrying around town (I’ll also be using this for the upcoming homeless experiment).

These netbooks are SMALL, but after playing with several, I came to the conclusion almost all of them are nearly useless because I can barely type on them.
However the one exception I found was the HP Mini (I bought the 1033CL).
It has a “nearly” full size keyboard…..which essentially means I can actually type on this as opposed to all the other netbooks I tried (seriously, it was nearly impossible even with a few minutes of practice).
SO this post is being made right from the drivers seat of my car. I’m testing out the portability, battery life and capabilities of this thing (so far..GREAT).
It even has an SD card slot which I can upload pictures from my camera:

My hand is nearly bigger than the whole computer.

My steering wheel is bigger than the whole thing.

Sits perfectly on my lap or the center console….even my tiny tablet had trouble with that.

So far I’m loving this thing as a travel-companion computer. I wouldn’t make this my sole computer since I’m on a computer 8+ hours a day, but otherwise for basic computer use, internet, typing, blogging etc. this thing is fantastic!

Blog posted on: May 23, 2009

6 comments on “HP Mini

  1. MoneyEnergy

    Great review, I’ve been thinking of these netbooks lately and how and where I might want to use them rather than laptops…. do you think this HP mini outdoes the need for a laptop, it’s lighter, smaller, etc. I haven’t even bought a laptop yet, so interesting to compare them now. Maybe I should just get a netbook. What do you think the best uses for each are?

  2. Neville

    Like I said, if you’re looking for a basic internet browsing or light typing machine this thing is great.

    It’s so easy to carry around and looks really slick. It feels more like carrying around a book than a laptop (even my small tablet needed a carrying case).

    This HP is the ONLY netbook I’ve tried which I can type on, plus is even looks cooler than the rest. However I know Dell has a bunch of netbooks too, but since they have no retail stores I’ve not got the chance to play with many of them.

    Functionality is an issue with some of these netbooks, so make sure you try it out at a store before buying.

    Some of them have very funky keyboard key positioning because of the limited keyboard real estate (Like a weird Shift key for example or nearly impossible to press Backspace).

    So conclusion:
    Replacement computer for a hardcore user = Probably not.

    Computer for casual user: Sure!

  3. Ravi Janardhan

    thanks for the post.

    I’m particularly looking for posts on creative money making…

    Trust you reached your $1m dream by 08 as mentioned in your ’04 blogs.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Matthew

    I bought the Samsung NC10 last year, after playing around with a few other netbooks in the shops.

    The main selling point for me was the keyboard, since it was the easiest to type on and has a standard layout. It also has a pretty good battery life.

    My wife and I have used it over the past few months while we were travelling and I would definitely recommend it as an option.

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  6. Theo Vining

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