I hate making up blog post titles

Well I’ve certainly been a lazy bastard lately.

It seems I’ve got the Tim Ferris “4 Hour Work Week” down for my business House Of Rave, because I swear that’s about as much effort I’ve been putting in lately.

I say this in a BAD way.  Just because I only have to work on it for 30 minutes a day, doesn’t mean I SHOULD.  It also means that I can GET AWAY with only 30 minutes per day, but it doesn’t GROW without a little more effort.

While I tend to be productive in other areas throughout the day, I remember seeing a video….I’m not sure who said it, I think Eben Pagan, but it said something to the effect:

What actually “makes you money” in your business is the thing that’s actually interacting with your customers.  This could be web page content they see, or a shopping cart they use, or a video you made…..

… etcetera etcetera ….

I realized I’ve been slacking off in that department, so I dusted off the ‘ole camera and did a little content creation:

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    Blog posted on: June 11, 2010

    12 comments on “I hate making up blog post titles

    1. Kimberly

      I think you could have done much more as far as being visually appealing to the customer. The tea light itself looks incredibly dull. Maybe purchasing a few decorative votive holders and show the customer what it looks like in a way they’d actually use it. Also, I’d mention it’s a good alternative to place inside a jack-o-lantern and maybe find more uses.

      1. Neville

        Kimberly, great comments.

        I thought they looked decent with the quick photo shoot I did, but it means NOTHING if the customer doesn’t get that same impression.

        I will take your advice right now and add the Halloween and other uses (great suggestion by the way)!

        I have already updated the page with this text:

        Our customers get pretty creative, and have used this product for:
        -Household decorations
        -Mood lighting
        -Used these instead of tea lights inside their Jack-O-Lanterns during Halloween.
        -Safe night lights for kids
        -Science projects where flames cannot be used

        Thanks for the suggestions Kimberly!

    2. Linda

      Do you really think 4 Hour Work Week will work for every kind of business? i would say we have to find a better of different way to get success.

      But i think, a better title will get noticed always, even if the content is not up to the mark.

    3. Autumn

      Hahaha, i decided to check your blog because i was procrastinating on doing actual work that will grow my business. Timely post ;) I had a friend visiting the last 3 days so i only did the minimum amount required to keep my website going and orders filled. Now it’s 12:15 on Friday and i was thinking of crapping out for the rest of the day. Instead I’m taking this post as a sign to at least do *something* no matter how little. Thanks for posting!

    4. me again

      You appear to not only hate writing blog titles, but also blog posts since it’s been over 2 week since your last post

    5. Anonymous

      Hey Neville,

      Do you take guest content at all for your site?

      If so let me know and I can forward on an article,

      Kind regards

    6. Ellie

      Hey Neville,

      Do you take guest content at all for your site?

      If so let me know and I can forward on an article,

      Kind regards

    7. WealthWorm

      I was reading Made To Stick a few weeks ago and it was talking about how the lead for a journalist is the most important part to focus on. Because if you have a good lead the rest all follows easily.

      I am still undecided if the same rule applies for blogging though.


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