I hate you stats (even though I need you)

Statistics can be complex for dumb people like me.  BUT they can be made super easy, if you display the stats in an easy way.

Here’s the kind of stats I personally like seeing:

This is a HEAT-MAP overlay of my site from my CrazyEgg statistics.  The more people click on a certain part of the site, the more it “heats up” on the image:



This is a CONFETTI overlay of NevBlog.com from my CrazyEgg statistics:

Same stats in both pictures, but different types of presentation.

The point is within a SECOND you can tell what’s being clicked on….and what’s not being clicked on.

Now, my blog has been sort of “tweaked” because of these stats, so everything is getting clicked on a fair amount, but it wasn’t always that way.

The main goal was to tweak the site so the email signup gets lots of attention.  The next goal was to make sure all the links were at least semi getting clicked on. Then I removed all the stuff that NEVER got clicked on.




On the confetti overlay, you can see these “lines” every few inches.  Those are from mobile users scrolling!  Cool!

Blog posted on: December 2, 2013

5 comments on “I hate you stats (even though I need you)

  1. Neville

    I’ve never understood that either. They HAVE an overlay tool but it sucks.

    Good news for CrazyEgg at least :-)

    It looks like your page probably just doesn’t have much traffic yet, hence not too useful at the moment. Over time the stats should build up and give you a clear view of what’s happenin with your site.

    Thanks for sharing though, it’s cool to see this stuff on other people’s sites!

  2. Tom

    Google is NOT the best analytics tool.
    Google is #1 FREE.

    Google collects $70BN search ad revenue just for existing each year.

    Then they fund 2 really cool new things (e.g. robot cars % Google Healthcare) and 1 medium-good thing (Google Glass)

    Then, to grow as an empire, they do about 20 evil/awesome/free things a year. Pattern: buy company, turn off all human service, make free, scale.

    Doubleclick is the exception to the pattern. They turned up the human service on this 1 product because doubleclick is what you now know as Adwords/Adsense, the $70bn cash cow.

    YouTube: Bought YouTube, then made it free, and filled it with ads. Have you ever received support from a human when you had a problem?

    Google Analytics: Bought urchin, then turned off all support.
    Interestingly, I once received support from real people for Analytics, but it was through my Adwords representative. She emailed Analytics team and got me an answer.

    Google Voice: Bought GrandCentral, turned all my devices into free phones. Of course, I can probably never reach a human to fix things if these phones malfunction.

    Deja > Google Groups
    Pyra > Blogger
    Keyhole > Google Maps

    In short, i stopped paying Verizon $70 / mo because Google bought GrandCentral and offered a free version cell phone service with no human support.

    I wouldn’t think of paying Neil Patel (even though he’s a really cool guy) for a good product (Crazy Egg), because Analytics is free.

    I don’t pay someone to filter my SPAM and keep 1gb of email private from the government, because if I’m willing to look at ads and give up all my privacy, Gmail is FREE!

    Now, multiply my decisions by billions of internet-connected Earthlings, and again by at least a couple dozen more Google products, and you have the answer why Google is #1.

    WOWWW: reading this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mergers_and_acquisitions_by_Google
    I learned even Google search and adwords/adsense was an amalgamation of at least 5 different acquisitions.


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