Blog posted on: October 14, 2005

15 comments on “I must remember to always….

  1. Jase

    Nev, that’s a very nice reminder. I am currently working on a project and must constantly remind myself to also think big.

    Hope everything is going well with you. Oh, good job meeting Gary Kusin, he seems like an amazing person!

  2. Anonymous

    I am finding something interesting in the commentors to this blog- Some people tear Neville up for every single post!

    Why do some people find it so hard to suspend judgement on each and every thing they encounter everyday- don’t they ever get tired?


  3. Anonymous

    I like what Peter Lynch says in his book, “Beating the Street”

    There is the Big Picture, and then there is the Even Bigger Picture.

  4. JWM

    ” Think Big and the details will take care of themselves.”

    That just doesn’t happen. I’m not saying don’t think big. I’m saying don’t forget about the details – as those can break you (think taxes for a small business)

  5. sam

    I guess these little motovational slogans work for some people, but personally, i’ve never seen the value in them.

    If you want to do something worthwhile, I think you’re better off spending time working towards the goal, rather than getting sidetracked into making slogans for the purpose of convincing yourself you can reach your goal.

  6. Anonymous

    Keep thinking big, Nev!!!! Congrats on all your accomplishments so far and all your future accomplishments as well since I have no doubt that you will meet them.

  7. Anonymous


    You are negative. You should at least learn to spell “motivational” (not motovational). Also, it is “I’ve” (not i’ve).


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