I Would Like to Thank the Blog…

I started this site to track my financial life. So far it has done that and then some.


  • …been able to keep myself fully occupied with business ventures
  • …met a powerful current business partner
  • …have had at least 7 in-person meetings with strangers who found my site
  • …become the #1 and #2 search result for “Starbucks Liquor
  • …become the #1 search result for Financial Blog” (Shameless plug)
  • …have been mentioned in: Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and Business Week
  • …had several business articles published in a newspaper
  • Much, Much More

Thank you Blog. Sorry I can’t tell you everything right now, all my current ventures are confidential for the time being.



Blog posted on: June 14, 2005

8 comments on “I Would Like to Thank the Blog…

  1. AAA

    That’s so funny, I found your site from typing in Starbucks Liquor and I’ve been hooked ever since (hooked to your site that is)


  2. Anonymous

    Instead of wasting all this time, you could have been a bio major, gone to med school, then magically earned 200,000 a year by being a doctor. Now, wouldn’t that have been easier?

  3. Wirthy

    Because of my blog I’m number 145 on Yahoo, when searching for Alyssan Milano naked.

    Here’s to our achievements!

  4. XXX

    Other ANonymous: I think Nev will be earnning much more than 200,000 a year at the rate he’s going. Also from reading his previosu posts, it seems he enjoys being all over the place, not just in one profession

  5. Rebecca Carter

    Congrats! And did you only start this in November? Not a bad list of accomplishments for less than a year’s work! Keep it up!


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