I’m a "student" again

College courses are extremely expensive, you have to battle to sign up for them…..yet unlike other expensive stuff, no one guards the classes.

I was recommended by someone to take a graduate level management course taught by an extremely prestigious professor who has “been there, done that” in the business world.

Instead of signing up for this class, I just looked up the publicly available class time/location and started going! I told the professor I was not paying for the class, nor was I any longer a student, and he happily agreed to add me to the class. I imagine some professors would PREFER students who WANT to take the class over those taking it as a requirement.

When I was a student I used to sit in on classes where they would talk about subjects I needed more knowledge on (Particularly computer science classes where I wanted to know how something was created). The best part is you can go speak with the professor after class or in their office hours, and they are always more than happy to speak with you.

I never fully realized it when I was a student….but the university is one of the few places where you have world-class authorities on a subject, and you can access all their expertise free of charge.

Blog posted on: September 22, 2006

6 comments on “I’m a "student" again

  1. Anonymous

    Interesting observation, although I wouldn’t agree with FREE. Someone is paying for it in the end. However utilizing what’s there is always important.

    Like public libraries. They are not “Free”, but they are openly available to anyone.

  2. Anonymous

    I like your enthusiasm for knowledge, but I think you should just pay and register like everyone else.

    Why go to college if you won’t have the degree to back it up. 15 years from now do you think that an employer will care if you took grad classes and have no proof?

    Knowledge is always free. It’s the diploma that you are paying for.


  3. syia

    I have done this several time. It start with just to accompanied my friend in her new class (she doesn’t know anyone) but after a while I love that class so much. I get to learn something that totally different that what I am majoring in.

  4. personal finance advice

    This works for schools with large classes and lower level classes…not so well with upper level classes or for certain subjects (like those that require lab work). It is also a great way to see how professors teach when choosing classes when you are in college…

  5. Anonymous

    Hey could you email me back? I never knew you could actually sign up for classes without paying for them, how were you able to do that? I would like to take some classes again also.


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