Improving HoR – Day 19 – Newsletter

HouseOfRave has thousands of registered users on the mailing list and yet I’ve never sent out a newsletter or mass mailing with new products, news yadda yadda. It seems I’m missing out on a decently large opportunity here (well, I sent a ghetto one before which was a total disaster).

I’ll be using Vertical Response to send out this upcoming newsletter as I’ve had some experience with it before. Today I designed, wrote and formatted the pictures for the upcoming newsletter.

I’m actually waiting to send this email blast for a little while, because coming up on May 22, 2008 Vertical Response is having a free workshop @ the Driskill in Austin which will teach a bunch of tips, tricks and recommendations for email marketing. I’ll be going if anyone here in Austin wants to join me for the free food workshop.

Anyhow, currently this is what I’ve come up with for the Newsletter:

It looks a little plain, but hey, it’s only the first day I’ve worked on it. I also have a feeling the final product that goes out will look much different than this initial composite.

I’m sure the upcoming workshop will have a bunch of recommendations on what works and what doesn’t. I’ve heard little tips like giving away a 15% of coupon in the email is good, but it never works good as offering free shipping….little things like that can make or break a campaign (so I hear).

I’ll be sending this initial test email to 4,000 registered customers, and it’s crazy to think of that percentage wise.

  • If only 2% order something, that’s 80 extra orders.
  • If only 1% order something, that’s 40 extra orders.
  • If only .5% order something, that’s 20 extra orders.

I’m wondering if that’s just wishful thinking, or if this email marketing stuff really works that well. Anyone here had any success with it?

Blog posted on: May 8, 2008

4 comments on “Improving HoR – Day 19 – Newsletter

  1. Aaron

    I worked for a small online boutique that sent out a newsletter every once in a while. I wasn’t involved in it but it definitely brough in orders.

  2. Simian SEO Sensei

    Well… I would really be interested in how all these affect sales / profits.

    Maybe stack a graph of last year April/may against one of this year (as to be comparable).

    You can delete all the numbers, I would be interested in a general trend.

    Pageviews / orders / profits come to mind.

    :: Blind ape ::

  3. blindape SEO blog

    Also, I know one restaurant that sends out e-mail newsletters to their customers (those who leave their email and opt in).

    It is a great way to inform the customers of a changed / seasonal menu.

    Done tastefully, it certainly brings in repeat customers.

    ::blind ape::

  4. Matt

    I agree with Blind Ape – done tastefully and tactfully a newsletter can only bring benefit to your site. I have seen results as high as 25% open rates and 12-15% order rates on mailings sent (in a past working life) – it really depends on the market and how receptive they are to getting the mailing.

    Good Luck!


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