Improving HoR – Day 24

Today for improving HoR I added a new section and some products to populate the section. I added this Costume Accessories section:

If you look closely, the image on the far left of the banner is me in a picture I took from this post two years ago!

The products in this section don’t necessarily fit in with the “Light-Up” or “Rave” theme of the site, but it seems like they could sell well during the holiday times (especially Halloween).

We shall see.

Blog posted on: June 6, 2008

3 comments on “Improving HoR – Day 24

  1. Pamela Grundy

    Hi Neville,

    Are you the one on the far left or second from the left?

    I don’t have any tips for becoming a millionaire where I blog, but if you and eck87 want to visit, I promise that if I ever DO become a millionaire I will post a photo of my rolling around naked in a vat of $100 bills.

    It might not be soon, but still, keep a watch at

  2. pdxjer

    Just strolled across you blog. Interesting stuff. Just wondering, have you seen any noticable search engine optomization effects from your blogging? My SEO guy says to Blog, blog, blog, but I am curious to see if any others have seen any effects.


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