Improving HoR – Day 3

Day 3 of improving HoR consisted of changing some more product image layouts like on Day 1, then some new things like adding cross-sell products to some of the popular items.

I still have a lot to do, but when someone looks at certain products, they see “Related Products” which they also might be interested in. So if someone’s searching for high intensity glowsticks and lands on the House Of Rave search result, they will see other types of glowsticks they might be interested in like this:

Another thing I picked up again today was the Search Engine Optimization of HoR. I’ve done many contracts for larger companies on this in the past, but never applied it to my own stuff before. So I charted out some keywords to go after and have actively started tracking them using the SEO tracking software I used for other companies.

This will be a several-months-long project as SEO is relatively slow moving, however the software did make me aware I didn’t have proper description tags on many of my section pages, so I went through and changed (or added) most of them.

Blog posted on: April 11, 2008

5 comments on “Improving HoR – Day 3

  1. derick

    Ever think about auto-adding items to peoples shopping carts for HoV?

    Not randomly, but perhaps auto-add batteries, or perhaps add small items that people will see and be like, “what the heck, this is cool, and it’s only $5.”

    I read of a site doing that and their sales drastically increased.

    just an idea… I’ve been following along and lurking, and you’ve given me some inspirations.

  2. captain

    You should think about redefining “related somewhat” .. right now, I am landing on a page for glowsticks.

    I see my glowsticks and 4 more – different types – of glowsticks.

    In those 4, you might do very well to introduce the customer to different, far “related” products.

    Serendipity is the keyword here.

    It might look like this:

    rel 1: 4″ glowsticks
    rel 2: Light Talk 2
    rel 3: 6″ ULTRA Glow Sticks
    rel 4: Strobe Ball Bopper

    Adding a short, one sentence description to each of those items would also be a good idea.


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