Improving HoR – Day 5 – HackerSafe Symbol

A nice guy called me out of the blue one day, and did his sales pitch. It was good, I had been thinking about, so I took the bait and signed up.

He was selling the HackerSafe logo occasionally seen on larger websites, it looks like this:

He got me to sign up for a $187/month service plus setup fee on a business that costs a total of $350/month to run. Must have been a damn good sales pitch!

Anyhow, I’m on a cost reduction/improvement phase for House Of Rave, so right now I can’t justify DOUBLING my monthly expenses to put up that logo. Kind of a mistake to sign up at this point….despite the wonders they claim the logo can do. I do like having the logo there, but the numbers simply don’t work in my favor:

They gave me a free trial period, but so far I haven’t seen any direct effect on sales. I’m still skeptical that simply showing this logo can increase sales (on a website this small). Rather at this point in HouseOfRave’s life….product selection, improved usability etc. would be more effective at increasing sales. For a small business like HoR, I just don’t think the HackerSafe logo is right at this time.

Now maybe if it were something reasonable like $50/month….

Blog posted on: April 13, 2008

8 comments on “Improving HoR – Day 5 – HackerSafe Symbol

  1. Andreas

    A logo on a site does nothing to make me trust that my transaction is safe. What matters to me is ssl-certificates, small lock icons in the url-bar and that kind of stuff.

    I could make that logo in Photoshop and slap it on my webshop in 5 minutes.

  2. athensoh

    About a month ago I signed up for the HackerSafe service at $490 / year, so you may try to call the same guy and tell him that your heard about the promotion from a friend.

  3. Jerry

    Just dropped you mail..please check your spam/bulk folder also if you dont recieve it in inbox.

    and by the way your blog rocks

  4. Dusty Reagan

    A friend of a friend who knew someone, once told me there was a usability study done on a website with the “HackerSafe” logo. They said users keyed in on the word “Hacker,” which has a negative connotation. It had no affect on sales, and it may have even made the customer more skeptical of a safe transaction.

    That said. I got nothing to back that up with. It’s water-cooler talk. But it’s something to think about.

  5. Neville

    Ok, judging from the “You’re an idiot for paying, I can take a screenshot of that logo” comments that I get (and moderate), let me clear something up:

    Hacksafe DOES test your server daily by trying commonly used server exploitation techniques.

    In fact two days after using the service, they yanked the logo from my page because it didn’t meet their requirements. A quick BIND9 server architecture upgrade later they put it back.

    Also when you click it, it takes you to a HTTPS secure page that verifies your security.

    I’d say it would be great for a site with tens of thousands of visitors per day. Even if it increases conversions by less than 5% it’s still worth it.


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