Improving HoR – Day 7 – Getting Seasonal

As a high school then college student running HouseOfRave I never understood anything about retail.

Later in life I learned that seasons can make or break retail outlets. It’s well known that many retailers often clear half their yearly sales from November to December alone.

Luckily I’m with a supplier who’s much wiser and long understood that, and plans retail holidays months in advance. About a month ago, for the first time ever on HouseOfRave, there was a seasonal based product section. That was the St. Patrick’s Day section:

It’s kind of annoying adding so many products just for a short holiday, especially since many of them don’t tie into the “Light Up Stuff” theme of HouseOfRave….but I’ve found some other long-term value benefits to these sections:

  • It makes the site look up to date.
  • Makes the site look “bigger”
  • Holiday supplies are often good upsellers.

I realized most people ordering the St. Patty’s day stuff ordered different items first, saw the St. Patrick’s Day section then said, “Oh, that would be nice to have this weekend” and added the product.


With that said, Spring is here, the weather is warmer (Austin weather is unbelievably beautiful right now) and people will be doing more outdoorsy stuff.

Products I carry that are congruent with this are the Bubble Section and Fans. Apparently these items do really well this season.

So for improving HoR today I added some fans to the Play Stuff section…although it doesn’t really fit there (just needed some place to stick em for the moment). I also added a couple of bubble products to the Bubble Section:

Blog posted on: April 16, 2008

One comment on “Improving HoR – Day 7 – Getting Seasonal

  1. Akshay

    Hey man, I actually goto few electronic music events. They are quite a few around the year called passives. Mostly in the LA area and your website would be quite popular around those kids. I think if you target that specific audience before these events it would be gold. Also there are plenty of rave websites that have heavy traffic and some how you can focus some sort of marketing or viral tactics on those sites.


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