Improving HoR – Day 9 – Tattoo Experiment 2

A while back I did a business in a box inventory experiment. It’s been almost a year now, and even on a small scale I realize that I really don’t like maintaining an inventory, and especially don’t like physically sending out orders.

This is why HouseOfRave has always continued to be a dropship model.

Since I’ve done this little experiment in selling the tattoos I’ve had to re-order inventory twice, buy more packing supplies (aka envelopes and stamps) and this time I ordered a little more stuff, which was perhaps a mistake, but a learning experience nonetheless.

So to keep in conrguence with the “small, lightweight, can-be-sent-in-an-envelope” theme I also ordered some of these tattoo sleeves from the supplier:

(Yes, that is my arm with the tattoo sleeve)

I did a quick photo shoot of them and made them a new product on the website. Additionally, the supplier was out of the standard 8″ tattoos I ordered before, so they sent 5 1/2″ tattoos instead which I had to make a new product for. So now on the tattoo page you can see the two new products.

For the smaller tattoos I decided not to sort them into individual products as that gets tedious to maintain inventory, but to sell them as an “assortment” which means you get random styles. I still had to photograph some of the different styles using the same method I did for the first tattoo experiment:

You can see all the final images on the 5 1/2″ tattoo page.

Every time I get an order for a temporary tattoo I:

  • Get the “business in a box” from my room (aka the Aldo shoebox)
  • Address an envelope
  • Insert the tattoos (or sleeves)
  • Send the “package” when I check my mail.

Relatively simple yes, but it still involves work which is best suited for a properly prepared supplier with a warehouse. For example, if someone wants the tattoos with Express shipping, I have no way of doing this without a trip to the post office. Fortunately this doesn’t happen often, but nevertheless I might remove these products at some point if I have to ship them myself, despite their (minor) profitability.

Blog posted on: April 17, 2008

2 comments on “Improving HoR – Day 9 – Tattoo Experiment 2

  1. emp

    I would suggest two things:

    1) Take the time to spell out “Temporary” in the title.

    2) Name the products
    “Temporary Tattoo – Name”
    instead of “Tattoo – Name”

    The “SEO value” of this is targeted traffic for your products. People who are looking for “temporary tattoos” might actually get to see those pages.

    ::the blind ape::

  2. Klever Girl

    Quick tip:
    If you scan in the temporary tattoos, you can actually just open them up on illustrator *(you have?)* and auto trace the shapes it will be done in 3.2 seconds and voila! better time management. Though the way you set them up for photography is very interesting!


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