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  1. Carlin

    3 years ago when i was 13, I would sell eBooks on ebay for about $2-$3 dollars each. All it woudl require is some creaitive writing.
    Also around that time, the eBook market wasn’t TOTALLY saturated x_x


    I used to sell an ebook. I decided that I would make more money if I made the information free on my website and sold ad space – it has worked out great for me.

    The only advice I can say is dont go with ebooks, just make an informational website. If you do decide to go with an ebook, write your own – by all means do not use someone elses.

  3. Anonymous

    ebooks? Nev, its 2007, not 1997.

    Wait, I have an even better idea: selling pixels! You could do a website where you have a million pixels and sell each one separately for a dollar a piece. Its brilliant and can’t-lose!

  4. Some dude.

    Long story. I sold a 10 page “cable descrambler report” in 1997 for $5.95. I only took cash, check, or money order at the time. I sold about a dozen copies.

    Later, I sold an ebook “How to Make Money By Using Your PC” bundled with my software for $49.95. This time I could accept online credit card payments. I sold around two to three copies.

    Present day, I moved the idea of ebooks to the back burner and don’t actively sell one. YMMV.

  5. Anonymous

    The e-book market has been waiting for you to spill your knowledge!

    -“Top 10 ways to blow money as soon as it reaches your bank account”
    -“How to pretend to be rich”
    -“How to start a financial blog without a clue about finances or business”
    -“How to make money with a change jar”
    -“How to waste a highly trafficked blog”

    Please don’t write an e-book. I’d hate to see this senseless ass-hattery passed on to others.

  6. Neville

    Previous Anon Commentor,

    You post comments on EVERY post I write within 24 hours.

    Of all the commentors you also have the most knowledge of my previous posts, which means you read and remember each one.

    I think you have an internet crush on me.


  7. Gary Gallardo

    Hi Nev!
    It is Gary From Los Angeles, I have had success selling eBooks on eBay and on my own domains. I think the trick is not to copy anybody. Maybe their methods or style but not content. If you are making you own eBook, promoting it through your own site makes more sense then just selling it on eBay. That way people can’t see how many you are selling and buy your book so they can copy it and market it as their own. All that being said, I think the real benefit of an eBook is to use as lead generation tool or to establish you preeminence in a niche. You could become an expert in any given niche just by releasing a free eBook packed with valuable information. The operative word being valuable. I am actually creating a serious of lesson and tutorials on this topic of using. If anybody is interested you can sign up here.

  8. Anonymous

    If you want to learn how to sell an ebook, look at what “The Rich Jerk” aka Kelly Felix did in his marketing campaigns. He is a brilliant man and anything he does is worth copying!

  9. Anonymous

    Hey Nev,

    I am also exploring this myself.

    In my research I have found numerous info-prenuers.

    The one who I believe in the most is an internet marketer by the name of Jim Daniels.

    He has a believable story; he has screen shots of what he has earned recently in his business.

    You will not find many other e-book authors who can show their success the way Jim displays. Believe me I have searched.

    He is the only marketer who dares you to email him and guarantees a personal response unlike many internet gurus.

    Also Nev, I am leaning towards publishing my ebook using a particular software that will stave off the pirates.

    Checkout;I think you will really like the security it offers.

    I bid you good success in your quest Nev; as I am on the same path too.


  10. Scott


    Earlier this year I began selling an online training product to financial advisors. 99% of the work has been online but I ship a physical product.

    My advice to to carve out a body of knowledge and then capitalize on it.

    We live in the information age and its very possible to turn your expertise into something you can sell.

    I would suggest that you test market your ideas to your audience to gauge interest.

    A good book to read is “Duct Tape Marketing” by john jantsch.

    Go longhorns! Go tell Mack he better not lose the bowl game!



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