I’ve Got Friends In HIGH Places

I’m attending a Texas Entrepreneurs event this Tuesday when I get an offer I COULD NOT refuse…hob-nobbing with the WEALTHIEST people all over Austin…

…..oh yeah, including ELTON JOHN and ANDY RODDICK.

I rushed home, put on nice clothes and headed over to the Four Seasons Hotel where I was helped into the this exclusive event by “Bob” and a special access wristband:

This event was an extremely exclusive, private party hosted by the Andy Roddick Foundation. With less than 400 people, the group raised over $800,000 last night.

I had the pleasure of meeting Andy, he was a really nice guy with a really great organization:

The first hour and few minutes of the event was more like a bar scene. Everyone was walking around, talking, eating hors d’oeuvres and drinking champagne. Everything was FANCY. The food, drinks and even the bathroom:

Later on I got to meet Elton John for a little while and shake his hand. I didn’t get a picture, but after dinner and auction that raised over $300,000 alone, he began his performance for a very enthusiastic group of around 350 lucky people:

This performance was taking place while I was being served a six-course meal and “free” booze.

Elton’s performance was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. He got the entire room standing up and singing along. Someone then paid (donated) $19,000 to hear him sing Candle In the Wind!!

The room looked incredible as everyone held up candles during the song:

Click here to see a small video clip of Elton’s Candle In the Wind performance (1.3 MB)

SO. Besides me showing off the fun I had last night, there is a lesson to take away from this. MEET PEOPLE. Meet LOTS AND LOTS people. Network. If it weren’t for me networking, I would have just had a plain-old Tuesday night. Instead, Bob, who I met through networking, helped me connect with some of the nations wealthiest and most powerful people (I met TWO billionaires that night…that’s right…with a capital B).

Try THAT sitting at home watching TV!

Here are some pics of Elton mingling with the crowd (Courtesy of Bob):

Lots of people were wearing crazy “Elton John Style” glasses

If you’re Elton John, it’s hard to walk through a crowd without signing your name and taking a million pictures.

All in all, it was an AWSOME night. I got to meet tons of powerful and successful people, wine and dine, meet two major celebs and get more experience on how to “work a room.”

I almost forgot….Thanks for everything ‘Bob’! Its not everyday that I go to a party that requires a 4-figure payment and an exclusive invite just to get in ;)

Blog posted on: April 27, 2005

18 comments on “I’ve Got Friends In HIGH Places

  1. Anonymous

    I just have to tell you that I’m a HUGE fan of your website…I read it religiously and think you are destined for wonderful things. keep up the great work!

  2. Anonymous

    Andy Roddick is HOT! I didn’t even know Elton John lived in Austin. Too bad you didn’t see Matthew McConauhey (sp?) or Lance Armstrong.

  3. Neville

    I don’t think Elton John lives in Austin, but he is a personal friend of Andy Roddick.

    Apparently if you add up all the performances Elton does in a year, only ONE MONTH out of the year is for profit, the other 11 months are done for charity. Now THAT is something.

    Also, one of Paris Hilton’s cousins was there….and yes, she was hot.


  4. Anonymous

    I thought I once heard that after Princess Diana’s death Elton John said he would never play Candle in the Wind again, I guess not. Maybe it was the version he wrote as a tribute to Diana that he said he would never play again.

  5. Anonymous

    It was great that you could make it to the event last night. I must say that Nev really worked the crowd. This kid walked into a room without knowing a single person and left knowing alot. I called him up and told him that if he wanted to see Sir Elton John, then to leave his “meeting” and get his ass down here in about 30 min’s. There is much more to this amazing story but we’ll leave out the after parties.

    The major lesson learned here: “It’s not what you know, but WHO you know.”


  6. Rebecca Carter de Angulo

    Hey Nev, I’m Rebecca, and I tried to post a comment on the site, but it’s giving
    me tons of errors right now. I’m new to your blog…about a week now, and I’m
    interested in your goal to have 3 sources of steady income, totaling $7500 a
    month. How are you going about this? Does this include stock market, or what
    exactly are you thinking here?
    I think it’s a great idea. You are really really interesting, and you can bet
    that I’ll be following you and your progress…and hopefully making some
    progress of my own! I am a 27 year old woman, American but living in Mexico.
    My husband and I have gotten a lot better at saving since we moved to Mexico 3
    years ago, but sadly, we kind of just sit on the money, and do not have it
    invested in anything (sorry, hope that doesn’t make you too sick to your
    stomach). I’m starting a business right now in Mexico, and am interested in
    becoming a “serial entrepreneur”…I’m done with Corporate America.

    Thanks, I’ll be looking for your comments. Sorry I couldn’t put this on the
    blog, I just got error after error. If you want to post this or have me post it
    later, it’s no problem.

    Thanks! Rebecca
    PS: Has tracking all of this on a blog helped you? Made it more like a project?
    It definitely has given you exposure…

  7. Neville


    I think it is meant both ways….but if you rely on people waiting to know YOU, it’s doubtful you will get anywhere.

    To meet all those random people in the room, I had to take it upon MYSELF to meet them. They didn’t come up to me.

    …but I get your point!


  8. Anonymous

    On an earlier note, Elton has a home in Atlanta. Also, he said he will never play the Diana version of “Candle in the Wind”

  9. TennisPlayer

    I’m very impressed with your “blog”, your drive, and your organization skills & at such a young age! Quite destined for exactly the type of success you’ve always wanted you are. (I sounded like “Yoda” just now!). So did your meet with Andy Roddick inspire you to be a tennis player?

  10. work from home on line

    Man, that’s great I can’t help not being slightly jealous.

    Hey, you’re a great guy and you deserve everything you have, and every celebrity you meet.

    Keep up the good work my friend !

  11. Anonymous

    Ya, Elton John that had to be awesome, I think he’s one of the most incredible musicians. A total homo but man can he rock

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