January 2011 Goals

A new year, and time for new goals.  I’m not 100% what my goals for the whole YEAR will be, but I can show you my current January 2011 goals which sit on my desk:

Something I’ve found VERY interesting is the amount of time it takes to form a habit is NOT one month.

This means all my goals or experiments which I try for one month generally don’t stick.  During my six-pack experiment I realized one month was great, but I should keep eating well for at least 3 or 4 months.  When it was officially over, I have since kept up that eating habit as a LIFESTYLE instead of a temporary diet.  Even through holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year I still ate extraordinarily well (seriously, call Adam at MyBodyTutor if you’re serious about implementing this change).  This was because of the sheer length of time I implemented the “experiment”.

So my first goal this month is great HouseOfRave.com customer service with a focus on further reducing it (I reduced it by over 50% last month..DURING THE FREAKIN HOLIDAY SHOPPING RUSH)!

…even on my December 2010 goals this customer service goal was a major component.  I’ve seen the great results from it, so I want this to become a habit and focus, and therefore I plan to have this goal around for about 3 months.

The next two I can’t openly discuss on this blog.  Well…I CAN…but I don’t want to, even though it’s really interesting :-)

Blog posted on: January 4, 2011

9 comments on “January 2011 Goals

  1. Rob


    I’m interested to know what a breakdown of your customer service time looks like – how much is stupid customers, how much is mistakes you’ve made, how much is incomplete descriptions causing questions, how many are stock-check or “do me a deal” time questions etc. etc.

    1. Neville

      Hey Rob,

      Very few are stock-check or “one time” deal people. Most are “where is my order” and after that is “something arrived broken I need you to fix it.”

      Generally these are handled pretty quickly.

      If I’m doing my job correctly, I generally get very few customer inquiries. Maybe about 30 minutes or less of work per day.

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