January 2012 Goals

Oops….posting this a bit late in the month.  But here are my goals for the month:

1.) Start posting Sumo Dojo videos every Friday.  These are videos me and Noah make for AppSumo.  There’s really no purpose for these other than they’re FUN TO MAKE and we get to answer everyone’s questions.

Soon we’ll have a page (like this I made 10 minutes ago) where people can view them on AppSumo.  For now you can see some previous Sumo Dojo videos here.

2.) The next course I’m making is almost hilarious to me….but everyone keeps asking me the same question: How to make a course.

I’ve made some online courses that have done pretty well…..because they’re so damn helpful to the people taking them (like these two).  So far three of my courses have done extraordinarily well, one was “alright”, and one totally flopped.

So the next one I make will actually be a course….ABOUT building a course! That sounds so cheesy….but now when someone keeps barraging me with questions about this, I can point them in one place.

3.) I’m learning to outsource stuff more often.  Not necessarily overseas, but to people that can do stuff better than I can.  For example, I did this today:

Instead of filming and editing an interview myself, I let a pro handle it.

He’s got amazing camera equipment and professional editing stuff.  Plus he’s faster.

In this case it makes more sense to let him handle the filming, and I can just worry about being a pretty (ugly) face on camera.

The studio we were filming in was a warehouse-style space….these pictures look like we’re filming some terrorist ransom note….but the actual video turned out great :-)

Well….those are my goals for the month of January 2012….do you have YOUR goals set yet??

Blog posted on: January 7, 2012

9 comments on “January 2012 Goals

  1. Landon

    Can’t wait to see the new course, I’ve been fiending for something like this for a while.

    My goals for January
    -Follow my daily ritual every day
    -Make a blog post once per week
    -Make $100 online
    -Use to-do lists every day, and track all activity

    1. Jacob

      Hi Nevel,

      Great post. Cant wait to hear more. I completly agree with corey, outsourcing is a great took although I have never thought to use in for blogs its a very interesting idea, cant wait to look into it further.

  2. sop

    Hi Neville, In your Appsumo video with Noah you mentioned you knew some Romanian? programmers as being decent. Can you refer me to 2-3 of your favorite programmer/teams? Best,Soph

    1. Raisul Kabir

      Hi Soph,
      I hope Nev have sent you the programmers in Romania who are great. If not or still you are looking for some great programmers, you can contact me, I would be happy to help. I run a software company in Bangladesh http://www.brainstation-23.com

      @Nev, your blog rocks!! I started while buying your video on “House of Rave” and couldn’t stop reading your blog since then. Awesome man!!

      Sorry to all for shameless self marketing :P

  3. Rad Dude

    My goals for January 2012:

    -Make $100/day online.
    -start p90x and never miss a workout.
    -Make at least 1 new friend (Not just on Facebook, either)

    I am at least 91% sure I can meet all 3 goals!

  4. Nate

    Outsourcing is great. In the past, I’ve outsourced things like cleaning, and I’ll probably do that again. I’m also thinking about hiring someone to do my taxes.

    My goal for Jan 2012 (and a long-time goal), is to buy a personal residence. I am scheduled to close on 1/23 so it looks like it will happen!

    I know this was about January, but as soon as I get settled I’m going to focus on:

    – Surrounding myself with positive, successful people
    – Building a side business
    – Simplifying my life

  5. Farren West

    Looking forward to your course on a course…love the baby steps (make 100 bucks online/outsource everything you hate to do) and the humor/laid back nature Nev/Noah..

    Keeping it real…Live the DREAM, Farren


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