July 2012 Goals

It’s July 9th and I still haven’t posted my goals publicly??


Anyhow, here they are (well, it’s just one):

July 2012 Goals


Normally I have a maximum of three goals for the month….but this time I really have just one main goal for July 2012.

I’ll write more about what I mean by “produce” a product….as it’s a bit different this time.

Anyhow, do YOU have your monthly goals set out yet?


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    Blog posted on: July 9, 2012

    6 comments on “July 2012 Goals

    1. Jonathan

      NEVILLE, I love your stuff! In fact, your products are the only thing that I’ve bought on Appsumo. It’s because of those products I took off my wantrepreneur onsie pajamas and put on my big boy entrepreneur pants.

      Any advice for my website would be amazing! Plus, I think you and Noah have to sign up for my newsletter since I started a business… wasn’t that the deal in that video you guys made? :)

      1. Neville


        Glad to get you off your ass :-)

        ….best of luck with your business. Use it as a validation. Go hardcore with it for a month or two and see if you get traction.

        You’re in a crowded space (fitness), so let’s see if you stand out!


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