June 2011 Goals

What has two thumbs and new goals for June 2011??


So here they are:

1.) Starting work on KopywritingKourse.com (in fact I just put up a page).  After the success of the copywriting video I did for AppSumo, it’s time to step that up a notch.  I can’t believe how many people it’s already helped.  The Kourse I’m throwing together will do an even better job.

2.) Action Video on AppSumo.  I want to do another free Action Video like the copywriting one…except I’ll interview someone, instead of me getting interviewed.

3.) Two HouseOfRave giveaways.
I’ve got a bunch of product samples piling up in my closet and I need to get rid of them with my famous HoR Giveaways: Screenshot here.
Usually in the past this has worked very well because….well….how can I say this eloquently?  –> People love free shit!

Cheers to a good start to June 2011!  Do YOU have YOUR goals down yet?

Blog posted on: June 1, 2011

10 comments on “June 2011 Goals

  1. Xander Pollock

    I heard you recommend using Arial in email sales letter in your copywriting app sumo video because it’s easiest to read. As a designer, I was taught that serif typefaces (Georgia, Times New Roman etc) are easier to read because the letters are more unique, and they are easier to quickly decode. Have you A/B tested using serif vs san serif?

  2. Xander Pollock

    It probably won’t make toooo much of a difference. I’ve noticed that almost all long-form sales pages I’ve read are sans-serif – maybe because it’s less formal? More casual and comfortable? Either way it’d be really interesting to test!

  3. Chris

    I think the received wisdom is that sans-serif typefaces are easier to read on computer screens while serif typefaces are easier to read on paper.

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