Keeping a Promise and Selling Notes

I was cruising around the web one day when I stumbled upon ANOTHER financial blog. I’m not going to lie, I’m getting sick of these things popping up. I delete many off my list after 2 or 3 months.

Have a computer and a stubby protuberance on your body to type with???

Obviously many of these blogs are useful and interesting, and I do enjoy financial blogs from real experts in their field, or at least people who practice what they preach.

WHAT I REALLY LIKE are financial blogs where people keep track of their plans to make more money or outline their goals for success (whatever they may consider success).

Smarty runs a blog called Growing Money where he thinks of new ways to increase his wealth little by little. He did a whole series of money-making idea posts which I felt were “All hat and no cattle” so I challenged him to act upon one of them. Well, he did.

He Ebayed a bunch of his junk and will report the results. I told him I’d link him if he completed one of his ideas. Well here you go! Smarty, Growing Money, Smarty Growing Money
Ebaying is easy Smarty, your next challenge is to do something more gutsy! I am interested to see your results though.

On another ‘note’, literally…..I sold my class notes for two of my classes yesterday. The results were not what I expected! I will report full results by Friday.

Another thing, the Bottled Water Experiment continuation is not going well. I’ve met with Barry every day for the last week, only to be dissapointed by the weather. We need hot and swealtering….not cool, windy and gloomy like this whole last week.


Blog posted on: May 12, 2005

13 comments on “Keeping a Promise and Selling Notes

  1. Manny

    That guy made like a quarter off eBay! Ha.

    Hey Nev, wait till you see the experiment I have lined up for this weekend. It’s going to be great.

    Check back on Sunday night to see it.

  2. Anonymous

    Smarty is counting his money too fast. First, he does have to pay that shipping, so he cannot add it. Then more charges from EBay coming…ie % of the net sale.

  3. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t criticize so quickly. What exactly makes you qualified to write a blog? From what I have seen so far, your analysis of most financial matters is quiet naive…

  4. Neville


    I don’t attempt to educate anyone but myself. This blog is simply to track my own progress.

    Have a nice day!

    Go to hell.

  5. jim

    The beauty of reading a shitty blog is that you never have to read it again. That’s what makes little anonymous flame posts like these seem to silly.

    I think this blog sucks but at least I sign my name. :)


  6. Anonymous

    Wow, Nev. You are so much smarter than anyone else…

    As an undergrad, I had steady employment selling my class notes on a per lecture basis. Oh, wait, but you consider regular employment beneath you…

    Oh yeah, and since when is ebaying your crap a new idea?

  7. Neville


    I never said regular employment is beneath me. I currently HAVE a job in the Law school. I have set it up to where I literally get paid to do nothing. Oh….

    …YOU GOT ME! I ACTUALLY thought Ebaying stuff was a COMPLETELY NEW IDEA!! Thank you Anonymous for pointing out that someone has sold something on Ebay before. I better retract the links I gave to Smarty immediately. I feel so stupid now. I will now give you ownership of my site because you are plainly far superior than I.

    Thank you once again for your insightful comments,

  8. Anonymous

    What do you expect when you start slamming other people’s sites? Your site isn’t that great. Your ideas aren’t new to everyone, and your writing isn’t very professional.


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