The KopywritingKourse is finally out on AppSumo!


It’s not for sale anywhere else just yet….so literally TODAY ONLY is when you can get this.

I’ll add a Buy Now button to the Kourse after the AppSumo deal finishes on Thursday at midnight (9-15-2011 at midnight Central Time)….but it’ll be way more expensive.

I actually hate the fact that it’s selling for under $100.

Considering the effect it has on someone’s selling ability.

Hopefully it provides as much information to people as the Behind The Scenes of a Muse course I did (people freakin LOVED that course)….

Check it out…
Send me feedback (nevmed@gmail.com)….
If you don’t like it there’s a 100% money-back guarantee (didn’t think you learned anything?  You can refund anytime before you die).

For now checkout this video….

It was was originally supposed to be a “short” intro to the KopyKourse with Noah Kagan (founder of AppSumo, #30 at Facebook and a bunch of other stuff….) but it turned into a long chat.  It was actually pretty fun, and we might do it more often if people like it :-)

P.S. Click here to get the Kourse.

The deal literally goes away at midnight on Thursday (Central Time), so snag it now!

Blog posted on: September 15, 2011

6 comments on “KOPY KOURSE IS OUT!

  1. Dividendium

    This course was AWESOME!!! The mutliple examples for different companies were really helpful. The email revision you did for Adam was such a wake up call.

    I’m sitting there thinking “right right, ‘no one cares about you’…I get it.” NO! I didn’t get it. Not until I saw the email you wrote for Adam…and how it had NOTHING about his company in it (gasp!).

    Then I literally laughed out loud at the scene where you did a tribute to The Game by Neil Strauss …the one where they didn’t edit what he typed while he was…ahem…being intimate with a girl. …then I took a screenshot. :) Kudos to you Nev! No idea how you got her to agree to that…

    Yes, more videos with Nev and Noah please. Too funny how concerned Noah is in the whole thing…”We don’t do krappy deals.” “Virginity is going too far.” “Wait…are you telling them how to write exactly like AppSumo?” Hahaha…he hasn’t even watched the course!!!

    Oh, in the course you metion listening to podcasts at lunch…what podcasts are those?

    1. Jerome

      In Atlanta…should I go to a copywriting school here?
      Or would i be better of taking your courses and blazing my own entrails?

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