KopyKourse Results

If you’re not a fan of exorbitant bragging, you may want to stop reading NOW:

Remember I mentioned this KopyWritingKourse I did on AppSumo that was meant to teach people to write better?

Wellllll turns out it was the best-selling deal on AppSumo ever.  (woot woot)!

In the last two months I already planned the Kourse out…..but about 70% of it was created about 8 days before it was released.

I’m proud it did so well because it took up alllll my time for that 8 days.  Twice I stayed up 2 days in a row working on the Kourse (plus I still had a full load of other work going on at the exact same time).

I had one objective for this KopyKourse:

Make absolutely damn sure people LOVE IT and LEARN FROM IT!

I didn’t really care about the pricing or how many copies were sold (well….I did, but it was a secondary thought).

A combination of listening to Earl Nightingale over the years and realizing this, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of making TOP quality stuff first….and worrying about selling a bunch later.  So I’m VERY pleased to see all this feedback :-)

These are just from Twitter alone:

And here’s the bad reviews….although it’s all just copywriting people criticizing the headlines for the advertising.  Fortunately there has not been ONE ever remotely-bad review of the Kourse Kontent yet :-)

And just to end on a sweet note, here’s some more good reviews from Twitter!

Here’s some other random compliments I got from emails:


Hey Neville,
Just wanted to say – amazeballs kourse!!!
I’ve always loved the AppSumo emails, and now I know why :)
Keep up the great work!
Kim – @kgardnr


Hello Neville,
DUDE this wacky kopy stuff works. I watched the videos yesterday morning
and I used what I learned in my ad copy. I normally get one or two leads per
day from my ads, yesterday from 1-5 pm I got 3 leads and closed one deal
already plus my CTR gone up 18%.
PS. Feel free to use my full name and testimonial in public.
Fadi Andraus


Or this comment by a longtime reader who took the course!


I’m going through your Kopywriting Kourse right now.
I’m an Austin-based copywriter too. I’m fascinated by your story
in general, and I’m not ashamed to admit that even after years
of copywriting, I’m learning some stuff from you.
Rich M.


Neville, you rocked on this course!!
Im on section 2 after watching section 1 twice!
You should take it down before my competitors get a
hold of it…Im watching the ticker anxiously.
Isaac Hill


*This is a chat forwarded to me by Noah Kagan*

[9/20/11 4:56:03 PM] isaac: Just wanted to say thanks for the deal from Neville. Closed a client by changing my Kopy.

[9/20/11 4:57:01 PM] noah kagan: :)
[9/20/11 4:57:02 PM] noah kagan: now way
[9/20/11 4:57:04 PM] noah kagan: whats the story

[9/20/11 4:58:36 PM] isaac: I place ads all the time on classifieds. They are normally titled: Do you need a Logo Design? blah blah….then I changed the title to “Your Logo Sucks – Here Is Why!”
[9/20/11 4:58:48 PM] isaac: Massive click throughs.
[9/20/11 5:00:09 PM] isaac: Then I changed the boring copy about how great we are and replaced it with how a business normally waste hundreds/thousands on crappy design firms…then said: See how our clients get er’ done

Blog posted on: September 19, 2011

12 comments on “KopyKourse Results

  1. Matthew Jones

    I can safely say this was the best $60 I’ve EVER freaking spent. I actually am getting ready to launch a new site in a couple weeks. I deleted every bit of copy I wrote and am starting over from scratch! ;-)

    I knew I was on the right track when I realized that writing copy had suddenly become FUN! It occurred to me that maybe my old copy didn’t convert because if I didn’t have fun writing it, customers didn’t have fun reading it…

    Anyway, thanks for the easily digestible well taught course!

  2. Andrew

    Hey Neville I bought this not too long ago but I’ve got a problem.

    I can’t find the email with my password and there’s no way for me to login or to automatically get a new password.

    Can you help me out?

    P.S. A link to your login page somewhere on the domain would be awesome. It’s irritating to have to try and hunt down the login page if I’m on a different computer. If I had erased my history I wouldn’t even have found it.

  3. Nathan McDonald

    Maaaan I so wan’t this!! Need to earn money before I can spend it though… but I’m getting more and more adamant that this is for me everyday!

    Tell you what… I’ll make it my monthly goal to buy your course ;)


    1. Neville

      Awesome! Glad you’re trying to improve your writing.

      Since this is a difficult purchase for you, I’ll PERSONALLY refund your entire amount if it doesn’t help you 10X in the first month …..so many people have said it has changed their writing forever.

      Feel free to hit me up with any questions about it, I’m here to help :-)

  4. Donna

    Have to say I was a bit of a skeptic at first. The thing is I don’t necessarily “sell” anything material, but as the chairperson and the online guru for a large not-for-profit event, I sell the experience, hence getting the involvement and donations for my cause in the end.
    I am still learning the ropes but …. can I say *WOW*. I hadn’t written an email with anything goofy or fun in it previously, but what I did with this last go round was send an email out to my participants telling them “we” had a date. That was it, stick it on the calendar, do not forget, it promises to be *cough* very rewarding.
    I’ve gotten MORE responses today out of that SINGLE email than I have since I took over doing the online/marketing work. From “why me?” to “what is this for?” opening the channel of communication!

    Thanks Neville!

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