Last Night Out

So tonight is the last night of my Homeless Exeriment. I'm sleeping
under the same bridge I did the first night.

Tomorrow morning when the sun rises (which is generally what wakes me
up) I'll pack up and head back home. All my clothes, shoes and
backpack will go straight in the trash. A shower will immediately

I will leave Black Mike my sleeping bag, hoodie jacket, jeans and my
extra pair of socks. I really didn't use those much this trip, and I
was going to throw them away soon as I got home.

Mike's out grifting right now, and is supposedly bringing back a pizza
later tonight.

This will be my last goodnight as Homeless Nev! GOODNIGHT!

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Blog posted on: June 8, 2009

5 comments on “Last Night Out

  1. Anonymous

    Curious if you tried grifting? I read that you scored a couple of buck for your drinking experiment but it'd be interesting to see how much you could score during a "boring" day.

  2. Anonymous

    What's experiment to spent of boring day. It is interesting to you and try to spent boring day in your life. I like it so much.

  3. Jasmine Wilson

    ok there is a very big and strong difference between the homeless guy you pretanded to be and the Homeless family in a homeless shelter for families. Yes I do agree that the homeless guy you pretended to be is a type that put their self in that situation and refuse to make better for their self. Yes Me and my husband and our 2 kids are homeless we have been for a year now there is a longer story on how we got this way however I just wanted to put it out there that there is a difference and if you want to experince homeless submit yourself to one of these shelters and see if you can make it…


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