Lebanese Newspaper

One day a bunch of people from Lebanon tried adding me as a friend on Facebook. One of them notified me my full Facebook profile was published in a national newspaper over there!

If you go to Google Images and type in “Facebook” I am the first image to come up, so they used that image in the newspaper:

I’ve got no clue what that article says, but it’s pretty funny :-)
It reminds me of the article in the Russian Wallstreet Journal.

In case you’re wondering, since I own FacebookProfile.com (Which I’m currently selling) I published some screenshots of my Facebook, coincidentally they’ve reached the top of Google.

What’s interesting is since I published that fully un-edited screenshot of my profile I get about one phone call per week (usually from some bored teenager) who says, “Ummmmm….do you know your phone number is on Google?”

Blog posted on: August 3, 2007

20 comments on “Lebanese Newspaper

  1. Globalorama

    may be because your name sounds Arabian.
    the article talks about how popular facebook has become and its uses and how the lebanese youth are utilizing the site. the two guys pictured above are two major Lebanese users. one of them has 11000 friends! the captioning of your profile says:”facebooks’ page on the internet.” so, cool your jets, you ain’t no Hasslehoff in Germany!

  2. Joe

    That’s pretty nuts. Google is getting very powerful too. You can look up most personal phone numbers there and there’s a tons of personal information leaks out there, as well. Watch where you post our info online!

  3. Ben

    It just talks about a new internet phenomenon that lots of lebanese youth are participating. Its not a very interesting article. But wow. Your famous !

  4. barry

    That’s great! Verified, and old joke about Lebanese men in America- they call them lesbians. Had a friend that had a Chrysler Lebaron, and they took the letters off and changed it to a Lesbian. Ask any Lebanese American. This joke is so old, and these guys are so good and so much fun.

  5. Anonymous

    the headline is “lebanon youth” so i pretty much think that they think that YOU are a lebanese, i have no clue what the rest means because it’s cropped, if you can get the whole scan i can translate it to you in no time.

  6. Anonymous

    ooops sry, i didn’t try 2 click on the pic before.. so what it says that facebook is the lebenon’s youth new “vogue”.. the stuff in the green box is talking about the facebook founder and how he’s a multimillioner now, and the stuff in the lower green box is that facebook has more than 17 million user and about 44 thousand lebanese (and they THINK that’s a record or something lol).. and what’s written under your profile screen shot is ” A page from facebook” and the rest of the article is about facebook, how you can join, and the political groups and bla bla bla.. hope u got the idea ;)

  7. Anonymous

    I can read Arabic. The caption just says “a page from Facebook on the internet.” Nothing else in that picture seems related to it. Maybe if I saw the whole thing I could figure it out.

  8. Anonymous

    Nev, you look VERY Persian. I was suprised to see that you are Indian. I have a friend who could almost pass from your twin. He is from Iran and the similarities are absolutely striking.

  9. Neville


    I’m actually a Zoroastrian Parsi, so while technically I’m India, my ancestors about 1,000 years ago were from ancient Iran.

    So yes I do have Persian and Indian features.

  10. graphic

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