Long Day

I will have spent 15 hours on campus today (Class + editing + work) with nothing to eat (I somehow forgot my wallet), and it’s days like these that make me lose focus of creating new business ideas. I need to make sure and still devote a little time everyday to finding new sources of income.

Today was very busy, some noteworthy points of the day:

–I woke up very sick, but I don’t let sickness slow me down. I sometimes work harder just to prove to myself I can beat the sickness. If I completely ignore the fact that I am coughing, sneezing and feel terrible…I do just fine.

–I have another article in the Daily Texan being published tommorrow. The topic will be Austin Entrepreneurs. I interviewed various UT students and organizations, and the founder of Alamo Drafthouse for the article. Spent a good amount of time writing and editing it today.

–My stock portfolio is up, with some earnings reports rolling around next week which should spice things up. The value of the portfolio was $9,129 at the end of the day.

–I saw a Mercedes CL 55 AMG sitting in a parking lot by my last class of the day. I had to stop and stare in awe. I love cars.

–Found out Texas Entrepreneurs will be doing an “Alamo Apprentice.” TE will be splitting up into groups and actually running the Downtown Alamo Drafthouse. The owner of the entire chain, Tim League will be acting as The Donald and firing people as necessary! Part of the revenue we collect will be donated to our organization. As part of the Texas Entrepreneurs I am really looking forward to this!