Losing —- In a good way

Over the last few months I’ve been trying to GAIN weight.

During my previous six-pack experiment I realized that losing weight was also great because I FELT GOOD all the time from eating healthy food.

However with this weight gain stuff……I’ve been feeling like CRAP all the time.

In fact, I did a pretty bad job of gaining much weight since I simply couldn’t eat as much as I was supposed to everyday!

Adam from MyBodyTutor (who was helping me out) told me:

Eating is your JOB when you’re trying to gain weight.

I thought that sounded FUN!  I mean…..who wouldn’t want to stuff their face every 3 hours with lotsa food??

Well I’ll tell you this:  IT…..COMPLETELY….SUCKED.  

Eating became such a damn chore.

For starters, I always had to be around food…..and relatively healthy food at that (can’t simply eat fast food all the time).

I was supposed to eat at least 3,500 calories per day.

And at least 175 grams of protein a day (I weight about 175lbs right now).

Here’s what I looked like every time I realized how much food I’d be eating:

Plus I had to cut down on cardio exercises, and focus on weight training.  That meant less biking and outdoor stuff, and more pumping weights…..which isn’t all THAT fun on it’s own.


  • I gained muscle and got “bigger”
  • It was interesting to at least experience the weight GAIN part.
  • Could eat WAY more at restaurants.



  • I was full all the time, and usually tired because of all the food.
  • I wasn’t as “clear” in my head.
  • I had to use the bathroom a lot more….and things weren’t as “efficient” when going (picture THAT in your head)!
  • I had to actually cook stuff….don’t think I’ve used a stove for over a year before this.
  • I had to buy a lot of food all the time….I was going to Whole Foods pretty much every single day to get ready-made food that was healthy.
  • Every heavy meal zonked me out.
  • I enjoy meat…..but eating SO much meat concerned me.  Every meal was lots of protein which usually meant some meat.

I was actually REALLY BAD at following my diet requirements for gaining weight.  Almost every single day I missed my target calorie or protein intake since it was so damn much.

I just couldn’t do it sometimes.

I even called up Adam half-way through and told him I’d be cutting down my intake because it was interfering with my work (I had WAY less energy everyday).


WELL AANNYYYHOWWW….I’ve decided to start shedding the excess weight and get a bit more “cut” in the next few weeks/months.

I know posting shirtless pictures of yourself in the mirror is extremely douchey…..but it’s necessary as a point-of-reference….so here they are!

I can finally start eating healthier again….like this!

Blog posted on: April 18, 2012

9 comments on “Losing —- In a good way

  1. Arik Ermshaus

    Dude, I read a book called “Fit for Life” from the Diamonds in the last 24 hours and it’s amazing.

    This book shows you how humans SHOULD eat (lotsa fruits, veggies, good salads…good stuff) and they show you HOW to do that.

    People following the tactics from the book became 100 years and older.

    The food mentioned their gives you good energy all day long and shows you how to combine food and why meat and milk is SO BAD!

    Cannot recommend this enough! :-)

    Go for more info here: http://www.amazon.com/Fit-Life-Harvey-Diamond/dp/0446553646

  2. Victor Pride

    I used to fall for this baloney about force feeding.

    The only people who need to force feed are super skinny guys. If you aren’t skinny, the only thing you need to gain weight is a little bit more food and the right supplements to manipulate your hormone balance (you want high testosterone to gain muscular weight). Force feeding when you aren’t skinny results in becoming f-a-t!

  3. Isaac

    I know I’ve only become a reader of the blog recently but I think the blue hair is awesome and as a representative of the gay bloc, so are the shirtless pictures. ;) cheers

      1. Isaac

        Haha, the engine needs a little more gas before that can happen but I’m sure a lady or two likes the pictures also.


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