Low Money Inflow

At the rate I’m going, my goal of generating $11,000 will not be met by May 31st. I need to change something, and fast.

My online business is making money, and I will start working again in two days. I will also start pursuing making some money from Resumite. These three sources of income might cut it, but I need MORE.

I need to get into high gear and start making some more money!

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    Blog posted on: January 16, 2005

    2 comments on “Low Money Inflow

    1. sung

      Keep up the good work. It’s nice to see another person in their 20′s saving money. We are rare. =) I’m also a saver and recently turned 25.

    2. Neville

      I would much rather sacrifice a little money here and there when I am young, so I can enjoy the benefits of it when I am older!


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