Blog posted on: March 4, 2012

5 comments on “March 2012 Goals

  1. Austin

    Your assistant is going to be one lucky person. I assume they’ll be handling part of your day to day business needs.. that would be an amazing opportunity for just about anyone. I imagine they’ll learn a lot!

    If I had a degree yet, (which I assume you’ll be looking for) or lived near Texas, I would jump at this. I hope you find someone awesome!

    1. Neville

      Hey man…..I’ll be looking for someone in Austin since video editing will be involved (otherwise transfering 2gig files back-n-forth is a bitch)!

      The person will def be learning a helluvalot…..but a degree isn’t necessarily required. I honestly don’t care what their major was, or if they even HAVE one!

      Talent is all I’m looking for. Black, White, Brown, Asian, Degree, No Degree, Man, Woman, Green Space Man……whoever is qualified will win :-)

  2. Arik Ermshaus

    Guten Tag Neville–

    I’m really looking forward to the “SumoBusinessBlueprintLive… and the rest I can’t read” thing! Tha’ts gonna be really great!

    Good luck with this month,

    your german buddy and biggest Sumo ever seen


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