May 2012 Goals

New Month = New Goalzz.

Here’s mine for May 2012:


1.) Taco Stand Validation: 
From the SumoBusinessBlueprintLIVE, a decent amount of people  wanted to know how to validate a PHYSICAL business.  I always tell them:

“If it’s a physical business, you’ll usually have to do some physical validation”

So in true Sumo-style….I’ll be validating a TACO STAND!  Details later :-)


2.) Course Reinforcement:
To make sure all my previous courses stay relevant and last a long time, I’m going through each of them and “cleaning things up” …or adding content if necessary.

For example a couple of things like:

  • Google discontinued “Google Friend Connect” which means alllllll the comments on my courses were one day just erased.  That really sucks because there were some great Q&A’s going on.  I will be trying to restore most of that on a different commenting platform.
  • Will be adding more emails to all the autoresponder sequences (so signup for all the email lists if you haven’t already)!
  • There are literally HUNDDDRREEEDDSS of emails with amazing testimonials…..and none of them have been posted.  This will be changed.


3.) A.R.K:
This is the next course coming out called AutoResponder Kourse.  It’s like an add-on course to the KopywritingKourse to show people the power of autoresponders (I realllyyy wish I knew about these when I was starting out).



Anyhow…..cheers to a great May 2012 :-)

Blog posted on: May 1, 2012

15 comments on “May 2012 Goals

  1. Mike Kawula

    Very cool! A.R.K should be interesting and look forward to hearing it. I love how on AppSumo when you send a question to the support desk you get an autoresponse. Great way to stay in-front of our customers. Just set up on our site, but I know we’re missing a ton of other ways to auto. Looking forward!

    1. Neville Post author

      I’m actually more into autoresponders than ever now after I’ve seen how it helps out customers (and always keeps a new stream of people interested in your stuff)!

    1. Neville

      OHMYGOJI! I have friends who go there all the time :-)

      I’m already using ANOTHER friends taco stand right here on East 6th St (called Tamale House East)

  2. TC

    Just finished your Kopy Kourse. It rocks! I’m going to rewrite most of the content on our site using the AIDA formula.

    I’ve also been struggling with setting up an autoresponder series that actually works. Can’t wait to check out ARK. Do you know when it be ready to go?

  3. Dan

    I’m curious like TC is…. Any updates on the ARK course? Getting an auto responder plan mapped out is one of my goals for the month!

  4. bishnu giri

    Now, which is better – a website or a blog? Well, when I first started in the Internet marketing ‘experience’ I knew very little about website design. As I was marketing or ‘publishing’ affiliate products, I spent the first few months focusing on building the website. I would play around with designing it, and as I added affiliate products to the site, it would be in a constant state of change. It was in the midst of designing and building the website that I discovered article marketing, and as you can see from the previous paragraphs that I quickly became a big fan


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